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Interpretation of China's social problems estranged patient

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WASHINGTON reported: Recently, the frequent occurrence of conflicts between doctors and patients, the doctor-patient conflicts topic once again pushed the cusp of public opinion. From the "Running" to "Ming war",teeth whitening light,China Social patient disharmony problems to be solved. What is the reason intensification of the conflict between doctors and patients? Kind of reforms to rebuild trust between doctors and patients? Establish how the dispute resolution mechanism in order to effectively deal with the doctor-patient relationship? WASHINGTON invited former vice minister of the Ministry of Health, China Medical Doctor Association Yin Dakui accept video online interview, reading Chinese social disharmony patient problems, as well as health care reform and other issues.

Moderator: Hello, Good morning, welcome to China News Network is for you to live, "News Let's Talk." Recently, there have been several cases occur between doctors and patients about the contradictions, conflicts, and even bloody tragedy of events, then one of the most serious case of September 15 to the afternoon of the chase occurred in Tongren Hospital doctor's events Today, we invited former vice minister of the Ministry of Health, China Medical Doctor Association, YIN Da-kui, interpret Chinese society estranged doctor-patient relationship problems. This patient disputes there is not one or two days, then what causes disputes between doctors and patients suddenly intensified, both doctors and patients each of which there is any kind of problem?


YIN Da-kui said: Recent frequent doctor-patient relationship,Micro Motor,I think for this reason, it should be said that in many aspects, first, then, from our state system is now, because our hospital which is a public institution, the doctor is actually in accordance with the to manage the civil service, he was as cadres, cadres to manage previously when he was a unit of people, not social man. Another government investment in health care, it is now gradually increasing, but for quite some time, investment is relatively small, so the hospital mainly rely on their own development to maintain, to develop. This includes the basic construction of hospitals, hospital equipment, as well as doctors' pay, benefits, including those retired personnel, all of these benefits and more. So this is the case, it causes a certain extent, resulting in a lot of people say it seems the community, patients say that you are public hospitals, public hospitals is government money seems to do, and you are the government to pay doctors you solve the community he was think so,Nsk dental,so why a doctor is also expensive ah, this is one.


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