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Ensure Ventilation in Your Home with the Right Exhaust Fans

by staciseverns

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The need for adequate home ventilation has recently been emphasized, with several states setting up standard codes for new and existing residences. An effective ventilation system is important since it keeps the indoor air healthy and free of pollutants. Additionally, good ventilation assures residents of comfortable indoor temperatures despite varying weather conditions.

Ventilation codes vary from state to state; however, in general practice, a good ventilation system is one that provides adequate air circulation through all parts of the house, and constantly removes indoor air by replacing it with fresh outdoor air. It also provides extra ventilation in parts of the house where pollutants and moisture easily build up, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Any ventilation system requires the use of quality exhaust fans and other mechanical fans strategically located around the home.

Choosing a Ventilation System

A whole-building ventilation system provides adequate ventilation in all parts of the home, as opposed to targeted ventilation systems for the kitchen and bathroom. You may choose from the three classifications of a whole-building ventilation: exhaust only, supply only, and balanced ventilation. Each system requires the use of the proper fans, ducts, and other materials to allow the proper circulation of air.

Exhaust-Only Ventilating System

Exhaust-only ventilation carries indoor air out into the open through one or more exhaust fans strategically located in various parts of the house. The quality of the exhaust fans to be used are also covered by local regulations that specify acceptable power and noise levels. Reputable brands, such as the ever reliable Broan fans, carry several models to meet different building requirements.

Supply Only Ventilating System

A supply-only system requires one or more dedicated fans for the furnace or air conditioner, and a supply duct to bring outdoor air into the building. Indoor air is distributed through small leaks positioned around the building envelope. The dedicated fans also need to match standard codes for noise and power levels, as well as control systems to guarantee safe usage.

Balanced Ventilating System

As the name implies, a balanced ventilating system is a combination of exhaust and supply systems, such that equal amounts of stale indoor air and fresh outdoor air are respectively released from and carried into the house. It requires at least one dedicated supply fan and a corresponding exhaust fan of equal capacity. To learn more about the different ventilating systems, visit

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