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Executive MBA: Back to school days

by anonymous

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As working professionals, it is often a daunting task to get back to the basics. But, there is no harm in learning especially if it gives your career an additional boost. It is with this belief that a growing number of professionals are coming back to their learning days by taking up Business management courses. Yes! Professionals with credible work experience now want to get back to the classrooms especially in the IT domain. It is because of this paradigm shift that leading IT B schools like SCIT are witnessing an increase in the number of applicants to their part time MBA programs. The domain of Business ManagementCourse Pune has expanded to include the executive MBA Pune options as well. For those who have been ardent followers of the trends in the education domain, this change is not so surprising. This change can be attributed to the perpetual metamorphosis that the industry has undergone in its several years of existence.

Previously a graduation degree used to suffice the purpose of the IT industry. But now the industry is growing and so are its requirements. The management wants professionals with required academic qualification and practical expertise. Options like executive MBA Pune are able to address this requirement. Another important point is that the recent recessionary lull has left the professionals with a lot of time. Pursuing an executive MBA in IT is being looked upon as one of the smartest way to invest this time. In fact, in several cases, even the management is encouraging the professionals wanting to take up such programs. This encouragement or sponsorship does come with a contract binding the professional to the organization for a specific period of time. The important thing to remember is that once you add to your academic qualification, you automatically receive a boost in your salary package.

Don’t worry! Getting back to the business school classrooms and learning sessions seems difficult at first sight. But once you get used to the routine and begin your learning phase the discomfort vanishes. After this ice breaking, there is absolutely no looking back for professionals pursuing the executive MBA in IT and similar options.

But not all IT B School are able to provide a good option for the executive MBA program option. Business schools that offer the MBA in IT are not able to provide the convenience and feasibility of a part time MBA. But doing a part time MBA will also require you to exercise caution while making the choices. Business Schools like SCIT offer an executive MBA in IT that has been developed keeping in mind the limited time that professionals can spare. Being a weekend only program, the course allows professionals to multitask their academic and professional commitments.

As professionals, a lot of you may feel awkward to get back to the classroom routine. But if the investment is for an executive MBA In IT, it is totally worth the effort. After all, you are guaranteed to get good returns.

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