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Points to Mark on Business Card Design

by anonymous

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Your business card does not change often, unless of’ course you are a salaried employee and switch your job. Your business card retains its face even if your business does not. This 3 inch by two rectangular cards carries the logo of your business, your trademark which is there for life (of the company). You may however change the background graphics which is not recommended though. This is the reason why the selection of a business card template is of great importance.

The Design

Since the business card design is vital to your business, you must take time to come to a decision. There are websites which offer a huge variety of business card templates, they also have a built in chat option where in you may discuss your ideas with the executives. You may choose from the templates or come up with a design suggestion yourself.  In case you intend on using your own creativity, make sure to take it up with an expert or an artist who is able to create a virtual impression of your idea.

The Feel

Now that the look of your card has been locked, you can now concentrate your energies on the feel of it. Business card printing requires you to settle on a number of things the shape of the card, whether you want a square or a rectangular; secondly the exact dimensions have to be locked. The thickness of the card must be judiciously ascertained. You can go for a fine sixteen pt card or a thicker 42 pt one. Finally and most importantly, the material and surface feel of the card has to be decided upon. There are a lot of options regarding the material choice of your card. The texture and the grade of the paper used must be decided.  You have the choice of a cotton finished card or silk or suede or plastic feel on the surface. The ink to be used must be compatible, both chemically and aesthetically on the paper.

Card Printing, an Art

There are other sets of embellishments you might use on the card. For instance you may opt for a gold or silver lining on the edge. You can have the text in metallic ink imprinted on your card. You may also get a decorative foil on the card surface. Business card printing is a deal of a job. If you are not too artistically sound to opine, better rely on the Business Card Templates provided and rest assured.

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