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Apartments for Rent in Paris Located in Historic Districts

by Parisapartment04

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The history of Paris is one of the many reasons why close to 30 million tourists visit the city on a yearly basis. Human settlement in Paris dates back to 7,000 years before the birth of Christ, and the city has been through a lot especially during the Roman Empire. The history and heritage of Paris makes the city such an interesting place to visit and explore. Tourists who want to save on their accommodation expenses in Paris should book apartments for rent in Paris instead of hotel rooms. Paris apartment rentals are not only less expensive, but are also found in different areas of Paris, even in locations steeped with history.


One of many historic regions in Paris is Île Saint Louis. This is one of the two natural islands along the Seine River, the other being Île de la Cité. Île Saint Louis is named after King Louis IX and perhaps best represents how the French completed urban planning during the 17th century. This island was formerly a place where the French stocked wood.


Saint Germain des Prés is another area in Paris that will leave Paris visitors in awe. It was built in the 12th century and was once a melting pot of intellectuals during the 17th century. The area was also home to future revolutionaries, like Jean Paul Marat. After World War II, the area was once again the center of philosophers and intellectuals In Paris, many poets, writers, musicians, and proponents of existentialism converged.  Some of the more frequented historic sites in Saint Germain des Prés include the tomb of philosopher René Descartes, the Abbey of Saint Germain des Prés (one of the oldest bell towers in France), as well as popular cafés Les Deux Magots and Café de Flore.


The Bastille region is yet another Paris district where apartment rentals are available. It was built as the Bastion de Saint-Antoine during the Hundred Years War and later was extended for defending the east side of Paris. Then King Louis XIII made it a state prison. The present day Bastille was born in the 14th century. Some of the historic sites in this district include the Place de la Bastille and the Opera Bastille.


Finally, there’s the Montparnasse. A preferred region for intellectuals in Paris during the 20th century, specifically from 1920 up to the Second World War. Paris apartment rentals are dime a dozen in Montparnasse. Tourists who stay in apartments for rent in Paris can witness the sights and sounds of Montparnasse like the native French.  Visit to locate affordable and luxurious apartments online.

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