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Tiger Safari in India – Get a Glimpse of the Pride of Nation

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If you want to some wildlife fun in India, want to experience the natural inhabitants of the country into the dense forests of this part of the world, opt for the Tiger safari in India. Why Tiger Safari in India? India, also regarded as God’s own place, is famous for being a safe haven for plenty of wild animals, though tiger is the epitome of Indian wildlife. Like Africa is famous for the lions, India is famous for its tiger. Over the years, the number of tigers has been declined drastically in India, though recent measures from Indian government to protect the tigers, the glory of the country, have been working positively and keeping the poachers away from the pride of the nation.

India is truly a tiger capital of the earth! These big cats have found this country’s climate to be very suitable for them and that is why they are present in this country in such huge numbers. In fact, tigers play major roles in the eco-system of this country, making this country enriched with them. From northern and north-eastern rain forests to the dry forests of the west, tigers can be found in different forests or national parks of the country. Thus, choosing the right places for India tiger tour can be a little hectic or daunting task. The best way of being a part of India tiger tour is to get in touch with a reputed travel agency in India.

The Bengal Tigers

Tigers are epitome of glory of India – symbol of pride and aggression! Though, Bengal tigers are mostly famous in this place. In fact Royal Bengal Tigers are famous throughout the world and the eastern part of the country is blessed with these beautiful animals on the earth. Sundarbans Tiger reserve is the most popular tiger reserve in Bengal and this tiger reserve has been also acknowledged by UNESCO.

In northern India, Jim Corbett National Park is another place which is also a part of Himalayan forest range, is one of the best places for Tiger safari inIndia. This national park is blessed with a high number of tigers and for the visitors having a glimpse of them is quite certain in the jungles of Jim Corbett. Apart from this, Bandhavgar National Forest is another place, which hosts a lot of tigers. You can also include places, like - Sariska Tiger Reserve, Kanha Tiger Reserve, Pench National Park, etc. in your jungle safari in India.

More than Tigers

Along with the tigers some other inhabitants are also waiting for you in the different Wildlife sanctuary of India. The Himalayan Leopards, belong to the same cat family like Indian tigers, can also be found in the jungle safari of northern and eastern India. Rare one horn Indian Rhino is another attraction of the Forest safari of India. Kaziranga Wildlife sanctuary is the place to see them. Apart from these, India hosts, several migrant birds and natural inhabitant birds in the forests or jungles of the country. Over 300 birds species can be found India and thus if you love bird watching or wildlife photo shooting, Indian jungles would be the perfect places for you.


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