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Chinese Kung Fu – Bagua Palm

by luciezhang

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There are different things serves as contribution and bring-about by Chinese influencing the world’s civilization changing the people’s outline for living. It may be in the field of trade, commerce and industry, technology, cuisines, religion and the like. It helps to shape the living of individual in different location around the world. Remarkably, China in known for Kung Fu as martial art. It has shared in the structure of human body and movement using the different parts of the body and incorporating equipments and gears.

In the long historical period of China, Chinese Martial Arts has developed by its series of fighting styles. Many people believe that it is a fighting style but it advocates virtue and peace. In fact, it is regarded as a traditional sport being considered as a representative for Chinese culture. Even some part of the world, people think that all Chinese people are Kung Fu masters but this customary legacy has its unique existence in modern times and left much influence on the locals’ lifestyle with the development of Chinese society and over time acquired some philosophical bases. There are various forms of Kung Fu including Bagua Palm. Youshen Palm or Pagua Lianghuang Palms is common term for Pagua Palm wherein palm techniques and movements are the emphases. This was created by Dong Haichuan who was a native who lives in Qing Dynasty. It is a fist form style that can be divided into 8 directions related to the Eight Trigrams of Zhou Yi.

Movements are creatively arranged to integrate it in the “Yi” theory serving as the root of inspiration. Since Pagua Palm emphasizes on the different palm techniques, its two main elements are palm and feet movement that should interact with each other. Tai chi may be in different patternbut has to maintain coordination and interaction with the feet. It may be upward palm, fingers downward palm, or erecting palm as direction/position. For you to experience and feel the essence of Bagua Palm, you must combine the external form of movements and the internal and concentration of breath. Thus, it results to variety of patterns from places to places. As representation to these patterns, Lion, Deer, Snack, Dragon, Bear, Pheonix, Snike and Monkey are being used and a lot of context using the palm arise. In the said Pagua, they also used various equipments such as sword, broadsword, and stick. Some use Mandarin duck tomahawk with combat practice and San Da. “Eight Pan Blade” or Bagua blade is not an ordinary equipment used. Its blade is different because of its length and weight. 

This Kung Fu was stretch reaching the countrywide even across the globe because of its virtue and discipline. By generation to generation, they preserve these values resulting to additional trend which can also affect people’s living not just in China. Also, it serves as a defense because of the various stunts, movements, and variations and by using equipments. It has its value in body-building and fitness that is highly treasured.

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