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What is the Procedure of Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery?

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Tubal reversal surgery uses micro-surgical techniques to perform the recover the fallopian tubal that were blocked. It alternative is one process which is called IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Its use for older age women but it represents high rate of risk in fertilization. There is minimum risk involved with the procedure and most patients can start their normal activities after one to two weeks following surgery.  

There are different ways of closing the fallopian tubes such as clipping and banding etc. There are some certain factors which effects on the patient for a successful surgery procedure. The patient may initiate trying to become pregnant after complete surgery of one to two hours because patient recovery time of procedure mostly does through a laparoscope. However the early results of micro-surgical performed with preferred method to open incision techniques.

Tubal reversal surgery is micro-surgery which uses miniaturized instruments and optical things. Dr. Morice examines the complex risks and surgery procedure with latest technologies. Tubal reversal surgery is 99.9% successful rate and depends upon immense number of elements. The women’s age, the methodologies and health does more effect to tie the tubes and repairing the tubes. Generally, the successful pregnancy rate of fallopian tube tends to heal rapidly after the tubal ligation surgery procedure. Before taking a step about your treatment carefully consider all of the matters discuss with your fertility doctors. They could suggest you best option suited for your personal circumstances. Your health and child birth are both important factors before deciding on the surgery procedure.

The main advantage of reanastamosis especially in the young women is that there is no limit of the natural cycles which they loss of ovarian functions. The decision to undergo tubal ligation surgery should take carefully with your fertilization doctor suggestions. The cost of the tubal reversal is very effective and low cost with high standard treatment. Don’t wait for your dreams and become it in natural form with your happy baby.

Tubal reversal surgery utilizes the expert and experienced techniques of microsurgery to open the fallopian tubes and reconnect the tubes segments that remain after a tubal sterilization. There are two remaining tubal segments such as:

  • The proximal tubal segment
  • Emerges from the uterus

These segments end with the fimbria and then go to the ovary. After opening blocked ends of the fallopian tubal segments, it shows a narrow flexible stent into the uterine cavity or inner lumens.          

The further detail and information support about tubal ligation reversal surgery, please review our website: Our staff nurses are 24 hours available for hearing your call at: (985) 702-BABY (2229) to speak with free of charges. The Atchafalaya Tubal Reversal Center is the leading tubal reversal center that is providing the services in all around the world. From annual ratio, 95.5% couples choose to travel from all over the world.

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