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How to Offer Support to a Family Member with Cancer

by jimenez22

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About 50 percent of individuals with cancer have problems with the symptoms of depression. Serious depression happens to 25 percent of all individuals with cancer, as stated by the National Cancer Institute. A lot of them cope with several issues, which may include fear of death, of what is going to happen to them and their families (especially the children) after death, and uncontrolled pain. As a family member, you will see them feeling hopeless, struggling to focus, being socially disconnected, having difficulty in sleeping and eating, and a lot more. What can you do to offer him support?

Above all, you will have to look at a lot of factors before providing help. One of them is to determine if he calls for it. Is he showing signs that he wants support from you and the entire family? Yes, you have to face the reality that some cancer patients refuse to be given assistance or to receive comfort from their families - at least not yet. They may still be in denial or they want a time for themselves for them to think. If he is like this, leave him as that; never force him but tell him that you are wanting to listen if he is all set to talk. When the time comes that he starts to open up, that is the time for you to give care.

Pay attention to exactly what the cancer patient says. In some cases, this is the best thing that you can do. Allowing him to talk his heart out is the best approach to ease him of the emotional pain. When he looks at you as if he is seeking your comment, say what you know but remember to be sensitive of his feelings and to show love. Do not overdo or you will make him feel hopeless. Give him hope through your words or at least make him feel positive about his situation.

Never do a comparison of his situation to others; cancer patients have various conditions. You may tend to give him false hopes.

When he cries, offer him your shoulder to cry on. Do not simply tell him to stop; make room for sadness. Again, listen to his thoughts regardless if they are all negative. Soon as he stops, that is the time to talk with him again. Say what you think about what he states. Give him reassuring words.

Try to live the day as normal as possible. Bring him to shopping malls and grocery stores. Take him to a movie date. Ask him to run errands for you. Attend parties with him. If his body can do all these things, go on. Let him live an ordinary life. Do not remove him to the society. Talk to him the way you do when he was not diagnosed yet with cancer.

It will not help to give him medical advice basing on your own research. Let the doctors manage this thing for him. You may want to help him in some ways like shifting lifestyle or following a diet but be sure to make consultation with his doctor first.

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