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Data Matching Algorithm Eliminates Duplication From The Core

by haroldzula

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Data Matching Algorithm

If there is a way to cut down costs and save money on all operations, it would be by using Data Matching Algorithm. When algorithms match, they can help you bring down costs and save money. Deduplication for example can help your business with cost effective means and strategies. The organisations purse strings wouldn’t be pulled far and wide and data which is redundant and of no use would be eliminated too.

Case study

Let’s assume there is a marketing group which has around one million duplicated customer profiles and records. Taking that into consideration, an average mailer would say cost forty five cents. Multiply that into a million and we have $450,000 spent already, and twice!!

When data deduplication was used and the algorithms were matched in the first year, half of the spending per mailer was brought down. Now multiply the savings for the next three years or so, and watch how much you save on costs while successfully marketing your products and services without going over a million dollars!!

There are estimates that have been published across the nation on how reconciling and using data deduplication and algorithm matching has helped save companies a lot of their money. In many industries across the nation, duplicate data is the number one culprit on money being wasted for marketing and promotional purposes. In fact, when manually checked (which takes eternity), there has been found data which is duplicate and for which millions of dollars were wasted on.

Higher ROI assured

When an examination on matching algorithms was done, it was noticed that data deduplication was very significant. The efforts showed and proved that data deduplication in fact helped many organisations save a lot of money, especially when marketing and promotional activities were concerned.

When quality assessments on data deduplication were done, it was noticed that previously, the same job was done at twice the amount being spent. The ROI now was indeed more when redundant data was removed, thanks to the matching algorithms tasks done well.

There is a lot of effort that goes into gauging the quality of data available with any database. It yields a lot of information and insights, and there are other aspects too which can bring down the costs of operations for the organisation in question. Hence, with the help of matching algorithms, there are a lot of interesting and exciting ways for a company to save on operational costs.

We hope you now understand the importance of Data Matching Software and it’s technology too.

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