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Leatherman Multi-tool - An Everlasting Helping Hand

by jannymart

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When you come across something broken, stuck, or malfunctioning, you mostly look for a way to mend it yourself before seeking further help. If you succeed in that task, the sense of accomplishment is immense and you feel awesome! But many a times, you don't find the necessary tools handy because you have them all safely stowed away at home. In these situations, you wish you possessed some tool, which can be tucked into your pocket or in your dashboard, which has all the necessary equipments in it, and is easy to manipulate. Well, it is time to get introduced to Leatherman multi-tool. The founder of the Leatherman Company, Tim Leatherman designed the first of the multi-tool range in 1983 which was in effect a boy-scout knife with pliers known as the Pocket Survival Tool (PST). He started selling his products through mail-order sales, which later became available in retail because of the increase in demand. Over the next thirty years, this company now has more than 45 individual tools, which are available in almost 80 countries around the world.

What Makes Leatherman Multi-tool Unique?

There are a lot of multi-tool brands available in the market. So, what makes Leatherman products favourable? Here are some points which tell us how they are unique.

  • Leatherman multi-tools are available in sizes weighing from 51 grams to 335 grams, which are designed according to the need of the customer. The smaller multi-tools are light enough to fit into the pocket or purse of the customer. There are products which have most innovative tool articles which can also be used as a key-chain, allowing the customer to keep them handy for immediate use.
  • Every one of Leatherman multi-tools offers an extraordinarily impressive manufacturer guarantee of 25 years.
  • The stainless steel structure of these tools with an added advantage of rustproof coating makes them highly durable. They are also known for their ease of operation; allowing the user to manipulate each inbuilt tool smoothly, without causing self-harm. While using one among those tools, the rest can be tucked into their compact grooves, making them extremely safe to handle.
  • Versatility is the middle name of Leatherman multi-tools! You may not be able to imagine the variety of tasks that can be accomplished with their help. They usually contain, pliers, knife, screwdriver, small blades and other specific tools, which makes tasks like cutting, pruning, filing, sawing, screwing, etc., easy and interesting.
  • As a humanitarian move Leatherman products have introduced the "pink" range, to create breast-cancer awareness.

Multi-tools should always be purchased after doing a lot of research about them because investing in those which are long-lasting should be done only after knowing exactly what they can do. Each individual has different needs to use a multi-tool, from mending things around the home, to using them in outdoor camping trips. Some would want to carry them in their pockets, and some would prefer something more elaborate. Leatherman multi-tools provide a range of products like Squirt, Expanse, Style, Wave, Charge, Wingman, Skeletool, Style and Micra, to name a few, which fulfil each need of the user in the best way possible.

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