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The Ultimate Temperature for your Hot Tub

by aleanjons

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spa hot tubFinding the perfect temperature for your hot tub is a personal preference. You might prefer it to be very warm while others may find excess heat uncomfortable. Ultimately, the temperature that you find comfortable and appealing is the one that suits you best. Once you’ve discovered that perfect temperature for your personal spa hot tub then here are some tips for keeping that optimum temperature consistent.

Finding the Right Temperature

In general most people prefer the temperature of their spa hot tub between 100F – 102F. This temperature seems to be ideal for most hot tub owners. Any colder and it is uncomfortable while any hotter could be dangerous.

To keep hot tub owners and their friends and family safe all new tubs are set with a maximum temperature of 104F. Any hotter than 104F is deemed to be unsafe for use.

Things to Consider While Finding the Right Temperature for your Hot Tub

While the temperature is of course a personal preference there are factors that could help you choose the right temperature for your personal requirements. Things to consider are whether children will be using the spa hot tub. If so the temperature should be much lower as children’s bodies are unable to cope with excessive hot water temperatures in the way an adult does. Therefore a hot tub that is to be used for children should never exceed 95F.

Other factors to consider are health conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions or high or low blood pressure. If anyone suffering from any of these conditions is planning to use the hot tub then it’s not only wise to keep the temperature down but also to consult a doctor before use. The same rule applies to pregnant women.

Keeping the Temperature Right

Once you’ve discovered the optimum temperature for your hot tub then you’ll want to keep it at that. Tubs are generally heated by solar, gas, electric or pump friction heaters. The difference depends on the make, age and style of the model. Provided your spa hot tub is well insulated then there is little work to be done to keep the temperature consistent. To ensure the temperature is correct expert hot tub installers suggest a secondary thermometer to check for water temperatures, consider this a back-up safety feature just in case the hot tub’s thermometer gives a faulty reading. This is essential not just for high risk users of the spa hot tub but for all users.

Finding the right temperature for your hot tub will not only increase your pleasure of the tub but also the useage too.


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