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Washroom Toilet Replacement

by anonymous

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Replacing the toilet is much easier than putting a new toilet, apparently because a new toilet needs all the plumbing and connections, where as old toilet you have the original link that you can use again.

1 - The first thing is to turn off the water in the tank, and then remove all the water from the toilet bowl. Before removing the toilet, you can turn off the water, probably on the floor behind the toilet, then you can undue the toilet from the floor usually is two nuts. When you get your nuts then you can lift the cup from the floor and put it somewhere carefully not to break the floor.

Then you need to clean the old pipe from fats or waxes putty gasket or plumbing. This is important to keep the bowl from breaking or leaking. also remove plumbers putty and any sealant from the floor this will make the installation look a lot cleaner with some fresh sealants neatly applied.

2 - get a bowl ready for mounting on the floor. The next thing you're going to do is bolt the toilet flange on the floor. we're going to slide the gasket over the two existing bolts. just checked to make sure that your toilet sits flat and level. Automatic hand dryers on the other side every time someone puts his hand under the machine to dry them.

The device is a laser detector, which detects when the hands are placed and triggers the release of hot air. Some of the automatic release of heat in a given period of time, while the newer models to stop the heat-releasing, when a person drying their hands to remove his hands under the appliance.

3 - Ensure the cup. Now turn the toilet and apply sealing wax your base and then turn it back right side up and now you can put it back in place and really stepped putting putty plumber as you go. make sure you put the toilet lying flat all the time. The toilet must be level.

4 - Making the water tank into the bowl. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on installing the tank on the ball. You're almost done now, when you finish tightening the nuts just check one more time to make sure that the toilet is sitting level.

Experiments were carried out in two University of Ottawa and the University of Westminster in London showed that the drying was less healthy than a towel dispenser. The results showed that the bacteria users hands rose to nearly 200% by using the device.

5 - Connecting the water supply back to the toilet. Now you can connect your toilet back in supply.You water may need to be a bit flexible holes to connect your tank back up your cock. Be sure to wrap a small plumbers tape on threads to prevent leakage.

6 - Open your valve and check for leaks, circle your toilet with a couple of hot flushes. If you do not see the water and the toilet is working properly done!


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