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Virtual Private Servers or Cloud Based Servers

by Earthlink1

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Businesses are going global and promoting products through the web is a good marketing strategy. Web hosting services are very popular nowadays. It is because, the Internet offers a wide audience reach which makes the search for the desired customers easier through this medium. This calls for an efficient service which can hold your website on the web. To assist you in this regard there are different types of hosting services. These are the shared type, dedicated, VPS and the cloud based server. In shared one there is a central server through which multiple companies hold their websites sharing bandwidth, memory and all other hardware facilities. In dedicated servers a complete server is reserved for a particular organization i.e. there is no sharing of the space.

Another entry in this arena is the virtual server or VPS. Here hosting is done by segregating the main physical server into many different servers. Here each of the different servers gets its resources as per the customized requirements. Each VPS system can perform independently with its own operating system and other hardware features. VPS system requires less hardware than other services as it employs cloud based network. In virtual dedicated server hosting (VDS) clients are offered complete control of a virtual server. So they can customize its different features according to their needs. If security of information is a main concern for your organization than dedicated server is the best fit for you. As there is no involvement of other sites in your server, the data is quite secure. If you have never run your own server before then going for VDS is good option. Here you can test anything until you to own one for yourself. These servers allow you to run any software even if it has security issues as it does not endanger the remaining part of your server. Hence it can also work as a program to detect faulty behavior of the system.

The next type is the cloud based server. It consists of a large number of servers that operate independently from each other but still connected together. Here the data on each server can be accessed by everyone on the network and if there is any loss due to server crash it can be recovered. The cloud server backup services offer data recovery in all kind of situations i.e. natural or manmade reasons. Moreover it provides a greater redundancy as there are many servers that work for you. So if any one of it fails the other one can take its role. It is good option as it combines into it the powers of VPN and cloud based technology.

Virtual or a cloud based system? It depends upon your requirements. But Cloud servers are a better option as you get all the facilities of VPN in it too. If you want to use a web hosting service for your website then you can search for them on the internet. But before making your final decisions make sure that the provider offers 24/7 network, power and backup support at a cost-effective price.

Earth Link is a premium provider of cloud server backup services and cloud based virtual dedicated server hosting.

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