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How important is Technology for a Business?

by aishadas

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David says.....

"I run a business that is good for nothing. It does not reap any fruits; instead it's making me bankrupt. In spite of the most efficient and sophisticated technology, it seems all my efforts are going in vein. It is not giving me results at all.
I worked by the day and toiled by the night to set it up, and it's high time for the business to give me something in return.
Can anyone tell me what is going wrong? Why is it making me suffer? Is it the resources or the technology; what's missing? I need urgent help!!"

This comment has been taken from a popular forum, where the concerned person is very much worried about the growth of business.

Well, to begin with, starting it is easy; however maintaining it is a hard nut to crack. Any business can flourish, if technology is used in the right way. Once you sort out the business strategy, long terms goals must be taken care of. The responsibility is not only on IT, but everyone contributing their part in the organization.
Now, what kind of technology does the business strategy require?? That's a big question!! Just keep the following things in mind before you settle down for the technology:

  • Before you plan the enterprise system, clarify the developed business strategy.
  • Get the best out of your organizational structure.
  • Employ the enterprise system for competition.
  • Effective staffing, i.e. allotting positions and designations effectively.

Most commonly, companies have it in them. They have the right path and technology to move on with; still they encounter challenges. That's because technology without a motivator is just like a car without a driver.
Just like a car, technology demands someone who can drive it. In other words, it requires somebody who can work it out in the business's advantage.

The secret of success of any business lies in the huge world of Internet. Internet enables one to establish relations with the world. One can utilize it by starting a blog, which is a great tool to keep the target gentry updated. Regular updates and changes is what the blog would require in order to keep the traffic momentum high.

Other way to crank up through the path is to go for Social Media Marketing. Often considered to be a business's best friend, Social Media Optimization is the most amazing way to make things work in business's favour.
Try using it on social Media Marketing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. The best part is that Social Marketing is effective, yet affordable. Creating a business page is all that is needed to post, tweet, and make videos to inform people about your business. It's more than enough to get something big out of a business.

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