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Latest Developments in the Field of Grease Trap Cleaning

by aquamundus

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With each passing day, we hear about something new and not only in any particular field but development are in every field. But the problems the things that attract our attention we concentrate more on that and forget about others. In the same line people have developed a number of things that can help in the process of grease trap cleaning. However, we are unaware of it because of lack of awareness.

A whole lot of new things are recently being introduced to fight with greasy substances. The prime content of these waste materials is FOG (fats, oils and grease). There is a device named Grease Guzzlers that uses the patented incubation technology. This system ensures the best and perfect grease trap cleaning in the mostefficient and effective manner and also does not affect our environment in any manner.

Another popular technology that is being discussed a lot is the Greasepak. It is a highly active bio-enzymatic fluid which is being used within the GreasePak drain dosing systems.

This has a number of advantages is employed in the proper manner and some of the worth mentioning are:

1. With the help of the Greasepak dosing system you can make your drains free from bad odors and clean all the time.

2. The 5 liter fluid pack will last around 30 days in a medium factory

3. This is popularly known as the multi strain grease degrader.

4. This is one of the highly effective device and environmentally friendly too.

5. Very easy to store, handle, connect and also to locate.


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