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The Role of the Earring in Modern and Traditional Style

by dennisegilchrist

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The first accessory that a young girl is introduced to is her first set of earrings. They may be bought at stores or through online jewellers, but they always seem to find themselves in the hands of a little girl. The young woman’s first set is almost always understated, usually nothing more than a simple golden hoop with an easy to control latch mechanism. As the girl matures, so too does her choice of earrings, going from relatively simple to more elaborate and dramatic. Once the young girl has grown into a woman, she is introduced to more earring options. She can now choose from a variety of styles that may include something that is reminiscent of a particularly elegant chandelier or even a more refined take on the classic hoop earring. Regardless of the differences in style preference, the earring is likely to be a staple among the women of the world, an accessory that is as much a part of their look as the evening gown or the stiletto heel, but relatively recent fashion trends have shown that earrings are now anything but exclusively female properties.


Men have begun to sport earrings as well, and among the fashionable elite, a gentleman sporting an earlobe accompaniment is no rarer of a sight than one donning a tuxedo. In certain communities, men wearing earring is nothing new, and it is in fact customary. Members of indigenous tribes are known to sport all sorts of accessories, and in a relatively unsurprising development, the earring is indeed a very integral part of the customary garb. Earrings and other bodily adornments are even considered as status symbols in certain indigenous communities, so a member with particularly eye-catching earrings may very well be a high-ranking member of that specific society. This is perhaps another reason why seeing a modern man with earrings is not at all surprising these days. It is almost as if it is modern society catching up to the members of the less-developed community when it comes to this particular fashion trend, causing the neighborhood jewellery shop to boost its stocks.


Earrings are now very much integral elements of style in the highly-developed world, and the increased demand for them has led to more providers being present. People still like to purchase their accessories the conventional way, and that is by going to the jewellery shop, looking through their selection, and then settling on a particular pair that is on display. People like to shop this way because they get a firsthand look of the items that they may be looking to buy, but there is an issue here. Most people cannot find the time to just go to the mall and browse the stores to find the pair that they like. This can take a lot of time, and most people cannot spare any more than a few minutes out of their day. Instead of having to go to the store just to make a purchase, online jewellers are now making themselves available online so that people can simply select and purchase at the times that are most convenient for them.


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