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Is he emotionless? | About Andy Murray | Tennis Coach Physed

by jeassonlens

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Sunday was his time, he completely owned Djokovic, and I believe he truly deserves his success.  I am so proud of what he has done, he’s going to be forever remembered with one of greats that have gone before him.


The question is, will his in-ability to express his emotions fail to gain the nations rapport and hold him back from winning our hearts.

I invite the nation to consider and appreciate the wonder which is Andy Murray?

Why does he seem to be disliked?

Do the nation even understand what it takes to get there these days?

Think about the process, that a tennis players have to go through to win wimdeldon. All the top players have pretty much the same ability to hit the same strokes with the same accuracy, same power and finesse. The one separation factor, their personal mind set and their ability to control their emotions at the vital peak moments of the game.

One of the fundamental winning principles in tennis is, if you don’t master your emotions then you foul. Tennis players are in a constant rich feedback environment. Learning to focus on the right feedback at the right time will in turn directly influence, in the moment what meaning you give to what just happened. Thus the winner in every match learns to completely dominate there personal state and own their opponent through constantly processing relevant feedback, focusing on outcomes, and using negative feedback as a gift in a positive way to allow a further advantage over their opponent.

This principles also works really well with Underdog syndrome, which is specifically high in tennis. When a tennis player has nothing to lose and only to gain, then there mental state is constantly telling them they have nothing to fear , nothing to link a pain to and so more often not they can access ultimate resource from them self, to perform with world level performance that they have never even accessed before. There for they can play full out without having the potential worry about a defeat, they are constantly pushing and pushing building their beliefs around what is personal possible for them.

Imagine if all the time you were suppressing your core emotions, choosing not to embrace them in the moment, how would you be to others around you? How would you be with your family? When at work you spend all your time becoming aware of your power emotions and in reality learning to switch them off. The experts in this game get really good and being completely void at expressing their wasted emotion. Emotion is the driving force, in the motivation of the want to succeed and at the same time becoming the exact opposite paradox, the reason you can completely lose your focus.


I believe Andy Murray to be a highly emotional person, it’s just his in ability to express the emotions that we link to building rapport, the likability emotions, he has shut them out because to a degree they will get in the way of his ultimate success, and could potential make him weak. We have now all seen the evidence of the fact he has got control over the negative emotions, the frustration and anger he use to suffer from in the past when he missed a shot. We are now seeing the outcomes of an athlete who has an immense ability to focus on the right emotions at the right time. Giving meaning and direction to the right guided emotions in order to win. You can really see how the impact of a world class trainer has had on him, Ivan Lendl , who is just simply awesome.


Murray will be an un-stoppable force for the future. The more we can get behind him, support him and appreciate the fact that he has his own way of doing things, that he as a non-team player who has harnessed his true skill, the more effective he will be. As an unemotional unlikeable character by nature, the more we can understand about his personal process for success, the more we will be able to like him and love him. He has typical poker player syndrome, having trained some of the top world class poker players that London has to offer. I draw many comparison to him and the top poker players. They all suffer from an inability to hold eye contact, build rapport and are constantly conscious of demonstrations of emotion as they link obvious signs as weakness to their opponents.


It is now time for the UK to forget about the negative success culture that seems to be built into the wood work of modern day society, it is time to forget that we are living in the winter of our economic demise, it is time to remember although hard times are among us, there are those who go skiing and snowboarding in the winter and embraces their opportunities to grow, it is time for us all to embrace Andy Murray as our true champion and love him for who he is.


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