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Mortgage and Home

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All That You Should Know About

Mortgage And Home

Tax Deductions.


The financial market is full of jargons and concepts that can leave a layman feeling quite confused or intimidated.  These include concepts like property tax which can be thought to be included in the income tax rules, however that is not the case, for the two are totally disparate terms. Property taxes are the taxes that go directly to the earning of your local municipality or county.


On the other hand, the income taxes that you pay, its proceeds directly go to the federal government. Also a significant confusion is seen in the case of mortgage and home tax deductions. People tend to think their interest portion to be their total mortgage and home loan payment which is likely because the amounts are nearly same.


The property tax that you pay is deductible from your gross income but the amount is that what you paid and not what you were billed for. The amount you pay is based on the assessed market value of the property you own, but the property tax applied by your state or the county is uniform for all the properties that fall under its jurisdiction. This tax is made for public welfare and not for any special services.


There are certain other charges that happen to be non deductible like maintenance services or charges for any utility service like per gallon water used. The monthly mortgage and home loan repayments that you make cover two things, the interest which is the bank’s fees for lending you the amount to buy a house and the principal which is the core amount that you owe to the bank. The interest portion of this payment happens to be quite high for the few initial years due to the high interest rates and hence people think that their entire mortgage repayment is deductible.


There are many In case you take another loan like a second mortgage loan for various purposes related to the property like building a new furnace or new roof the interest applied for this loan will be deductible provided this second mortgage is secured by your primary house or second home, meaning this loan will use your primary house or second one whichever you chose as conciliator.


The interest applied on certain home equity loans is deductible as well. The interest on a second home is deductible too. A second home is a house that you may use as a  second house, but if you are putting it on rent then you must have lived in it for at least 10% of the number of days in the year that it has been rented, or at least 14 days  (whichever is more). There are some other provisions too, under the laws that need to be looked at when you claim the tax benefits.


Most of the people are not very well versed when it comes to tax laws related to mortgage and home tax deductions; so in case you feel you don’t have a good in-depth knowledge on the subject, you can consult a professional who will scan the tax laws for you and help you identify the sections that are directly applicable to your particular situation.

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