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Will Graphics on Big and Tall T-shirts Make You

by evamarisha

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How to Buy Big and Tall T-Shirts That Make You Look Slimmer

                We’ve all seen the big and tall t-shirts at the end of the rack that have graphics put on them. Some are better than others, but man are pretty awful. This is because when you take size 4XL big and tall t-shirts and put quippy slogans on them like, “If you can read this you are standing too close” on them, it tends to be way too obnoxious. Unless of course you want to be, which is fine, but many big and tall men like to be less conspicuous.

                Which leads us to our next big and tall t-shirts that don’t look good. These are the ones with graphics that get so big, they fill up the whole t-shirt. With these t-shirts, it’s like you’re saying, “Yes I can fit the whole map of the continental United States on my chest along with Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.”

                Buying big and tall t-shirts with graphics is tough, because a saying or a picture that looks great on a regular size t-shirt all of a sudden becomes obnoxious and overpowering when blown-up and placed on big and tall t-shirts. No wonder it is always disappointing when you see a few t-shirts in your size at the end of the rack - and then you pull them out only to see a t-shirt that says “I’m with stupid” in letter that are five inches high, or a Harley Davidson logo that is large enough to go on a billboard.

                Which begs the question, who is making all of these big and tall t-shirts? Do they even look at them before they leave the factory or is this someone’s idea of a cruel joke?

                Thankfully, it’s not a joke or someone making fun at guys who are larger. This is just one of the many industry oversights whereby retailers don’t put much thought into clothing for larger and bigger men. So instead of sizing something like the graphic on big and tall t-shirts, they just make it larger and larger until it fits the size of the t-shirt. Which, by the way, may also look like a circus ten when you pull it off the rack.

                The solution is not to go to regular department stores to buy clothing, but rather to shop at big and tall stores. Clothes at big and tall stores are made to fit right and sized accordingly. So you don’t get a t-shirt that is as wide as it is long. From a big and tall store, you get a t-shirt that fits your size and is flattering. This includes the fact that it will have a graphic that is also sized to be readable and make a statement, not one that is overpowering and obnoxious.

                As well, big and tall stores are no longer so obvious. Since many American men now actually fit into big and tall sizes, these stores look much less like the “big and fat” stores that you hoped no one would see you shopping at, and more like regular men’s stores.

                Perhaps the biggest improvement to men’s big and tall stores is the fact that many of them have stores online. This way, you can take your time to find big and tall t-shirts that fit and have the right size logo on them. One such store,, has graphic tees that are fashionable and fit right so that everyone is looking at the design on your t-shirt in a good way. After all, the main thing about a graphic t-shirt is that is a casual fashion statement, not an obnoxious one.

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