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I Lose My Erection Fast Before Satisfying My Wife

by jerameysmith

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Today while making love with your partner the thing that worries a lot to many males are the erections. As they is the most critical part of the love making and if you lose erection fast that means no satisfaction to your partner and the unfinished love making. This will not only spoil your joy and pleasure, but also dilute your relationship as your partner lose confidence on you and will not entice next time for the love making. Erections are something that occurs naturally when a person gets intimate or raises his lovemaking desire. There is nothing that can prevent the erections because they are the main essence of the manhood. But, still if someone is not getting a good erection or lose erection fast then there should be something wrong in your physiology. Most of the people say that erections are more related with the mental status of the person. But not necessarily in every case the individual’s psychology is responsible for the erections. 

In fact most of the time it is found that weak erection are caused by some physical disorders related in the male organ.

There are various researches and studies conducted in order to understand the problem of weak erection or erectile dysfunction by many scientists. Finally they came up with the conclusion that only 25% of erectile dysfunction problems are psychological and rest all is related to the body. Scientifically the most known reason for having weak erections is when during the love making the male libido secretion unable to fluid in the male organ at the rate which should required for having hard erections because of poor blood circulation in the male organ chambers. This stops the free flow of the libido into the blood chambers in then organ therefore male lose erection fast.

Causes for losing erection fast:

There are significant approaches that many experts has undertaken to find the real cause for the erectile dysfunction. They came up with the finding that at least around 40% problems of erectile dysfunction in males are caused by the excessive of hand practice. For few this could sound bit buzzard, but to many extent it is true. While doing hand practice, you put a severe pressure on your organ with very fast movements the organ muscles gets weak and looses the tendency of contraction further. Also, because of more and more ejaculation, the semen level goes down and sperm count gets low. This all causes either the erectile dysfunction or the problem of premature ejaculation.

Herbal treatments and natural remedies:

There are many herbal and natural remedies to treat the erectile dysfunction and weak erection. The first step to treat this disorder would be to take herbal pills such as like Bluze capsules that enhances the level of male libido and improves the sperm count. Though, improvement could only visible after few weeks of continuous dosage of the drug. Similarly, if you want to enjoy more during the love making then better apply overnight oil few minutes before the love making because of which you will not lose erection so quickly and have an eventful night.

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