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Things you wanted to know about palliative care program

by Logacare

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We often come across patients who literally become vegetables due to the painful and distressing severity of the diseases which they suffer from.  Not only diseases, there are symptoms of certain diseases which are as worse as death! Such conditions make the family and close ones connected to such patients helpless as they cannot do anything to ease their sufferings rather than praying to God.


But there are medical organizations and institutions who are dedicated to the wellbeing of such seriously ill patients! These institutions work dedicatedly to provide 24 hour live-in care and medical consultation to relieve the sufferings of these patients. In gist, the sole purpose of these organizations is to conduct palliative care programs which promise relieve the painful symptoms and side effects of diseases that make patients half dead.


This form of help will appear novel to many patients who have always thought that they do not have any hope of leading a better life. Therefore, a number of questions might pop up in the minds of such suffering patients and their families about palliative care programs. We have tried to compile and answer a few for you. So, read on.


  • Which are the diseases that come under palliative care program?

 Instead of pinpointing towards a handful of diseases, it is better to say that any disease which has an extremely traumatizing symptom, or its severely stressful, or its side effects may be beyond tolerance come under this palliative care program. Still, to point out it can be said that different forms of cancer and cardiac problems, lung disorders, renal problems, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. are only some of the names when the suffering patients are given palliative care.


  • Which are the symptoms when palliative care program can be sought?

 Symptoms of certain diseases may be as lethal as the disease itself. For instance, excruciating pain, immense difficulty in respiration, breathlessness, severe constipation, extreme depression, severe sleeplessness, etc. are some of the symptoms when patients become helpless. Thus, they can always seek for palliative care programs in order to have control on the situation.


  • What regimes are included in palliative care program?

 It must be remembered that palliative care program is not like any normal medical help that is offered to patients in distress. It is rather a program which is based on effective and close intercommunication between the patients and the counseling doctors in order to give them mental boost. Further, antidepressants, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs are given to them to help them manage the symptoms efficiently.   The professionals also provide 24 hour live-in care and guidance to patients and their families to choose between different options of treatment for a particular problem.

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