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Why Some Abortion Clinics Suck

by jonesmichelle08

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Okay, come over here and I’ll tell you something. Abortion providers need to gain your trust so that they can have more patients and continue their operations. Because we (womanhood) basically are the lifeblood of this industry, we deserve to be treated with high regard. We might as well be royalty when inside the abortion clinics as patients. We pay an expensive amount to begin with. It is only right that we receive the proper care. However, what if the abortion clinic you first contacted treat you like an insignificant dog from the sidewalk? Will you still pursue your appointment with that clinic? What, you are asking me? Oh, hell to the no! By all means, check out other clinics in your area. There are perhaps hundreds of abortion clinics in your area. It’s their loss, not yours. To highlight the annoyance that I personally feel with these kinds of abortions clinics, feel free to read on.

They don’t have proper customer service

This always makes me want to scream. It is not only with the abortion clinics themselves but with other companies as well. For heaven’s sake, they are selling a product or a service. If they had to kiss their target market’s feet to get sales, they probably would. Well, most of them. I don’t understand why they can’t just give the appropriate customer service for their patients. It is like the rule of thumb in any business. What they are ignoring will eventually lose them current and even future patients.

They don’t provide counseling sessions

If they really care for their patients’ well being like they state in their various marketing materials, both online and offline, they will not hesitate to provide any additional services for their patients. They can charge extra for all we care. As long as the service that we need is there when we ask for it.

Their clinical staff is not very friendly

Come on, people. This is supposed to be another rule of thumb in any service providing company. what? Just because it is a big shot clinic, its staff and medical professionals are free to stick their noses up in the air. That is just plain arrogance—a trait that should be dismissed by companies and their staff. I wish it will infiltrate their hard heads that pleasing their patients should be at the top of their priorities.

They don’t provide free condoms

Now, just because they terminate pregnancies they have to be stingy with birth control methods. I mean, a whole lot of other abortion clinics do this. They offer free condoms like free hotdogs on game day. Can’t they do that one unconditional service for womankind? I mean, they are dealing with unwanted pregnancy. These women probably have very low self-esteem and are unknowingly depressed. Giving them free condoms is like encouraging them to try and to strive to prevent future unwanted pregnancies. This is not only for their sake but for the unborn babies as well. Don’t worry about losing a patient. Believe me, there will always be women coming.

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