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How to Order Thick Business Cards Online

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If you are looking for high end business cards which are sturdy and thick, you can get in touch with some of the best companies which manufacture these kinds of products. These companies have come with some innovatively designed products that will suit your needs very well. These particular products help to create a design which looks three dimensional in nature. These are known as layer cards and consist of two layers of the base stock which are fused together using the right kind of adhesive. This is a very effective marketing tool since it allows you to customize the product in any way you want. You can get it made according to your specifications so that you can have a unique product which will intrigue the customer. You can ask the printer to print using different kinds of inks so that it has a different look. These types of products are now the latest in the world of marketing.

Ordering Online

If you want to order some of these high end business cards, you can do it online. Most of the top companies have online options where you can pick and choose the type of product you want. You can also get full information on how these products are made. You can get to know about all the processes that are involved in making these products. While ordering online, you will first have to select which product you want. After this you can select the size that you require and also the quantity. Then you can give your specifications and they will customize them for you.

Latest Techniques

If you have a Logo Design in Mind and if you want to have it embossed or printed onto your marketing products, you can make use of one of the latest stamping technologies which uses decorative foil. In this process, a thin and shiny metal die is stamped onto the product. Each die can be created to suit the style and pattern that you want.

Professional Look

A logo design that has been embossed or printed using decorative foil will have a very professional look. On the other hand, this process does not cost a lot. So for a small price you can have a very good marketing product which will be unique to your company. You can have this process done on products that are made using different types of materials.

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