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What Every Bride Will Need to Do Before the Wedding

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Besides making all the arrangements for a wedding there are a few things every bride will need to do before the big day arrives. When you have booked your wedding venue, arrange a tasting to ensure you get exactly what you want from your caterer. Consider an alternative plan for your hair and makeup, and remember to have a spare pair of comfortable shoes on standby.

Modern brides often start planning their weddings by searching various sites on the internet for ideas and tips. This means that once you are signed up on a few different mailing lists, your inbox starts filling up with hints, tips and wedding planning reminders. Once all the planning is taken care of however, there are a few things you will need to do before the wedding. Before you walk down the aisle, consider doing the following.

Arrange a Tasting

Regardless of whether you are hiring a caterer or rely on venue staff, you will want to taste your reception menu before the big day arrives. This can be as much fun as the reception dinner, so make the most of it! You can even opt to use this opportunity to hold your pre-wedding dinner.

Have an Alternative Hair and Makeup Plan

Having a back-up plan for your hair and makeup is a sensible idea. For example, your stylish mat encounter problems getting your hair and makeup exactly as you want it. Alternatively, hair extensions may start to fall out, or mascara may start to run due to bad weather. Either way, having a simple look you can create yourself is going to stand you in good stead for the rest of the day’s activities.

Standby Shoes

Having shoes which seem comfortable in the store, but become uncomfortable when you wear them for any length of time is something most women can identify with. For this reason it pays to have a standby pair of satin shoes or pumps at the ready. Select a comfortable pair to wear should your wedding shoes start to rub or cause a blister.

Talk Things Over with Someone Special

Many people can feel overwhelmed when taking their vows. Wedding nerves are extremely common, so a good plan is to talk things over with someone close to you. Talk things over with your mother, best friend or your partner to help diffuse any difficult emotions. Some people find that when they get married, other people can feel that their relationship with the newlywed will change. Use this time to tell that person how you feel and reassure them that they are still as important to you as they have ever been. Clear the air by having a good heart-to-heart before the ceremony.

Reception Venues

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