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healthy food pyramid

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our fabulous personal trainer here to “your true house of physical form”, has certainly council that nutrizionale would want to be shared with you. It hopes that these information can help them with your travel of loss of weight and with the learning of the control of the part.
Council on using “the <a href="">healthy food pyramid</a> ”

Its philosophy is different that mine. Altretanto of you to know that creed in low-carb/philosophy of Top. Anne believes in a balanced method healthy, a balanced diet and so as to under it is going to be shared with you that council offers to its personal customers.

Of new, it is a different method but all we think dantegi the options, or other senses to eat healthy, are a good thing. As very we know, that systems for some cannot work for others and viceversa. The objective is here to obtain it on the road to the food in good health. We can discuss on the shadings about which it is healthier and thus via, but that one as soon as it will render the more blundering things for all… and really, is not all objective in order to arrest the food badly and in order to make a change for the best one, to the food of healthy beginning? Thus any thing the road you takes, until is on the health road, that it is the important thing. On the road to good health

Anne uses a tool/arranges easy that the medium person can use or realize. He is ideal for the people that it does not want to count the calories and for those who a such one does not want to follow a rigorous diet low-carb or a diet of Top. The conserve time, the conserve worry and simply ago the food a lot of easiest healthy for much people outside here.

Here it is the council of the Anne and like it works: Instead of counting of the calories, Anne uses “the services „like guide for oneself and its customers. An other sense to see this are like food pyramid, which food the healthy pyramid of Harvard or the healthy food plate (in Europe have much similar one called the plate of Eatwell, I think). Now these all can vary never thus a little, but the premises are the same one.

Pyramid of nutrition of Harvard

As you see from the image, the foundation of the pyramid is daily control of weight and practice. These two things influence your probabilities hard to remain know some. Then the configurations know of it of the food pyramid from here, indicating that you would have to eat more alimony from the inferior part of the pyramid (verdure, entire grains) and less from the advanced part (red meat, refined grains, sweetened potatoes, drinks and knows them).

What is “a service „? He is simple: To examine your hand and foggiarla to goblet. That one is a service. If you want the paste, to foggiare to goblet manciata and a that one is 1 format of the service. The same one goes for rice or cereals, etc a small part of fruit will uguaglierà a service and a bread slice will uguaglierà 1 service. The meat moreover will be measured from your hand. A service of the meat that uguaglia the format of your hand uguaglia 1 service. To obtain the idea? This is dividing the easy one.

The healthy food plate

Now, how many services you can have? This can take it little time memorizzare but if transported the guide under of number of the services with or if the healthy food plate used like guide, would have to interfere over in no time.

Breads, pastes, cereal and rice 6-11 daily services
Services of group 2-4 of the daily fruit
Group of verdure - 3-5 daily services
Group of the latte ones, the yogurt and cheese - 2-3 daily services
Meat, pollame, fish, fagioli secci, eggs and group of dice - 2-3 services
Oils of the fat people and cakies - use with parsimony

Example: We take a person who is a little of excessive weight. To the conclusion of the day this person adds their services for the day and finds that they have eaten: 4 services of cereal for the first breakfast, 4 bread slices with lunch, 4 paste services for the lunch exceeded with 2 new bread slices. As you can see, this uguaglia 14, that it is more of the daily recommendation 6-11. Thus if this person wants to begin the losing weight, must reduce the number of the services in this category.

The same one goes for all the other categories - you do not want to exceed the suggested number of the services. For breads, Anne never does not recommend its customers to eat the bread white man because all the “quality „has been eliminated. To go preferibilmente for breads of the grain.

Cereal - to avoid the cereals that have much sugar, it cracks as it of the Cochi. To go for the healthy cereals.
Rice - to still avoid the white man since has made all eliminating quality.
Paste - to try to use the entire grain or the integral flour.

Now, if you want to use this and to take them to a high level of physical form, you can use the guide of the service because it allows the flexibility in what eaten, but you can also begin to count the calories.

It is good to know what we are eating and even we improve in order to know how many calories are in your food.

Calories in carbohydrates 4 calories for gram
Calories in proteins 4 calories for gram
Calories in fat people - 9 calories for gram

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