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Don't stress over auto glass repair

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Keeping Your Occupants
The windshield is an important component in the vehicle's ability to protect and keep its passengers safe. In fact, all the glass surrounding you has their purpose and needs to be preserved and cared for to maximize safety. Yet, in a lot of cases, owners that need auto glass replacement often look for the lowest price solution. This might be beneficial for the bottom line but an unfortunate choice for the car. If there were an accident, the decision could cost you or a passenger their life.

A poorly executed auto glass repair could be disastrous. In the case of the windshield, it could pop out in the middle of impact. That would allow the roof to cave in. The occupants would then be crushed. Also the deployment of the front airbags exerts incredible force on the windshield. If the auto glass replacement is not firmly glued in place, the airbag will blow out. Side glass could fall in if not properly installed, striking occupants.

When dealing with auto glass replacement, always work with a reputable and reliable vendor. Their methods have to be safe and effective. They should have the capacity to repair surface nicks, chips, bull's eyes, flower breaks, pressure rings, half-moons and any combination thereof. And they should be able to do so conveniently and in a minimal period of time.

Every piece of glass on your car is a layer of protection that keeps occupants in the car, and objects out. A professionally executed auto glass repair will restore the structural integrity and help prevent the damage from returning and spreading, leaving the glass in its original state of protection. In fact, the average star or rock chip in auto glass can be repaired without much trouble. This includes breaks that can be 10 inches or more if the break only intersects at one edge of the glass.
If the auto glass cannot be repaired, it should be replaced promptly.

For emergency purposes, keep a roll of clear tape in the car. It can be used to quickly cover any cracks until they can be fixed. Before utilizing an auto glass repair service, make sure the vendor uses original equipment glass. This is a higher quality product and tends to make a better fit.

In the San Antonio area, auto glass replacement can be done fast and efficiently, getting you and your car back on the road quickly. If you are in need of auto glass repair, contact a reputable vendor immediately. Most certified techs will come directly to your home or workplace to perform the service.

Glass Genie is a locally owned and operated full service auto glass replacement and auto glass repair shop in San Antonio, TX. We can service all makes and models, foreign and domestic.


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