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Andaman Nicobar Holiday Packages and Popular Tourist Attract

by lucasnaruka

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People from different parts of world want to experience the different fun and joy that are provided differently at various places across the globe. There are millions of people who are the great lovers of adventure and water sports. For such people there is an island in India where people from the world come to gain such wonderful experiences with nature. There are many Andaman Nicobar holiday packages offered by different companies to give the fullest of this miraculous place. It is one of those popular tourist attractions, which attract most visitors each day. The place has several sites to visit which includes its beautiful and adventurous small islands, beaches, forests, cellular jail, monuments and museums. It is known as India’s best kept secret and has over 500 numbers of islands. Among these inhabited islands are only 37 in numbers and the rest of all are covered with forests. 

The companies providing Andaman Nicobar holiday packages take care of the transportation, accommodation, and the other facilities. People come from various places to visit this beautiful Union Territory. Some Andaman and Nicobar holiday packages also offer the meals wherein the cost of the same in included in the total price of their package. There are beautiful beaches at the islands, among which the most enticing one is the Radhanagar beach. All the Andaman Nicobar holiday packages arrange for a visit to this finest beach of Asia, as per TIME magazine. Baratang is one of the main islands of this region and Havelock Island is the largest island of all these islands. Ross Island is also a small but most visited island there. The national memorial, Cellular jail is also the great monument to visit at this place. People also experience several adventures at this beautiful green land. There are several water sports win which almost all tourists show their keen interest. 

Motor boats, Water scooters, underwater world sightseeing and many other water sports allure the tourists here. Some of the Andaman Nicobar holiday packages avail the facility to enjoy the water sport at their cost. Camping is also most interesting thing amidst the lush green and tall trees. The resorts, hotels or the guest houses offer the camping facility to make the experience more memorable. The adventurous tourists also prefer to go for the trekking. Especially when a friend group has come to visit the island, they go for trekking. Many nature loving people would find different kinds of trees, plants, flowers, animals and insects etc. to make it a more pleasant experience. The persons from Botany also get attracted to this region. They would find the several breeds and types of flora and fauna to make their study interesting. 

People from world come to visit this island with several purposes. Some come to experience the adventure, while others come to get a deep insight of the subject area of their interest. Some nature lovers also get attracted towards this wonderful island.

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