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Business intelligence jobs

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Enterprise applications have allowed businesses around the world to mine customer and competitor data to apply the insight in improving their strategies. Business intelligence software helps businesses to turn the information generated from multiple sources into actionable insight. Hence the demand for BI application is growing in leaps and bounds and so are business intelligence jobs.

The applications offer both inside-out and outside-in analysis of a business performance to help them re-strategise. Oracle is playing a leading role in developing business intelligence apps. The outside-in approach of BI helps enterprises in analyzing their position for customers’ perspective when the inside-out approach helps analyzing internal operation of the organization and improve it accordingly.

Oracle apps development offers a challenging career to technical professionals. The high demand for oracle apps development and customization professionals have helped making it one of the most professionally rewarding career. Oracle apps jobs are available in the fields of:

Oracle apps development: At the junior level you can find oracle apps development quite rewarding. As an ideal candidate you must possess the following set of skills:

  • Strong technical knowledge with experience in apps development and programming
  • Knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL
  • Sound expertise in creating queries
  • Strong communication and verbal skills
  • Team playing ability 
  • Exposure to project management and implementation

To apply for Oracle apps jobs you must be a technical graduate or BS.

Oracle apps dba development: The Oracle apps dba administrator holds an enviable profile and normally has his fingers in every pie. He is required to do everything that others will not do. You must be a serious tech junkie to slip into the shoes of an oracle apps dba administrator. Your role would involve:

  • Installing, configuring and upgrading Oracle server, software and products
  • Establishing resilient data backup and tracking policies
  • Monitoring performance of applications and fine tuning as needed
  • Patch management and version control as new versions come up
  • Coordinating with Oracle to sort out issues and receive technical support

Skills required for a successful dba administrator are:

  • Excellent technical know-how with experience in handling oracle apps database
  • Good understanding of business operation
  • Experience in designing and architecting database
  • Working knowledge of Oracle and other operating systems
  • Knowledge of Oracle data integrity
  • Experience in project execution and application installation
  • Experience in code migration, data base management through different phases of development lifecycle
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in team management
  • Experience in project management

For educational qualification you must be Oracle DBA certified. Normally, this career opportunity is restricted only to experienced candidates with years of direct exposure to database management.   

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