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The places for off the beaten path in Xiamen

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If you visit Xiamen for your last minute China travel deals, you should know the following places for the off the beaten path in Xiamen.

1. Gulangyu: Longshan Cave

Longshan Cave is one of the two underground tunnel pedestrian walkways that link between Sanming Road and Neicuo'an Road cuts thru Bijia Mountain. I discovered this cave around 7pm, dark with dim lights. Residents walk through the tunnel mostly heading toward to Neicuo'an Road from the waterfront, mostly locals walked home from work thru the tunnel. I was heading to the waterfront to see the Xiamen Island harbor views.

I was wondering why there is a cave built on a small island like Gulangyu. Was it a safety zone during the war time? Or Is it built for the convenience of the local residents? There are few spaces inside the cave being factory or storage facility. Graffiti can be seen along the sidewalk. It was fun to walk thru the cave.

2. Hu Li Shan Fortress

There is one cannon, which has been recognised to be largest in the world, antique from Qing Dynasty. There used to be two, but one was melted during the crazy culture revolution in mid-60s. Also, this fortress used to be a barrack during the Qing Dynasty. During the China-Japan war, this cannon had successfully destroy one Japanese ship. The cannon was made in Germany, and travelled half of the world to reach it current location.

3. Homeland Taiwan, just a few KM away

You could take a short boat trip from Xiamen to have a look Kinmen. Due to anachronistic reason, people from both sides of the sea are not allowed to contact with each other for more than 50 years. Thanks to governments from both sides, now they are able to meet each other as much as they want. Kinmen is an island under Taiwan (R.O.C) administration; while Xiamen is under Communist (P.R.C) rule. The systems are not the same. When Xiamen is trying its best to become bigger, Taiwan government decides to make Kinmen a national park to commemorate those days when KMT was fighting with Communists. Now you may take a short boat trip departing from ferry quay, it costs 126/106 RMB (unit for Chinese currency ). You will have a close look at my lovely Kinmen.

4. Enjoy hotsprings at RiYueGu

RyYueGu hotsprings are top end ones. The 40 et more pools are located into a luxuriant tropical garden. The pools are hot or very hot, but you find also a swimming pool that has an adequate temperature. The pool are aromatized: curry, lavender, roses, tea, wine, etc...

If you want to dry a bit, just lay down on hot granitic stones and have massages (foot, back, head). You can also let clean your ears. One of the highlights is "Fish SPA": let little fishes clean your dead skins (see joined picture).

It's open from noon until 1 am. The restaurants give you dressing gown, so you are not cold. Taking photographs is not allowed in the Park. Price is quite expensive for China: around 100-150 yuan full day.

If you want to splurge, have a room in the 5 stars hotel in front of the SPA. Each room has its own thermal bath. The hotel has also a beautiful swimming pool so you can live in the hotel for your popular China tour package.

5. Gulang Island (Gulangyu)

Just a short ferry ride from Xiamen, this restful island offers golden beaches but no motor vehicles or even bicycles. Traditionally famed for its musicians, Gulang Island became an international settlement in 1902. The resulting consulates feature Roman, Gothic, Germanic and Spanish architectural styles.

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