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All about Instagram’s New Video Update

by innopplinc

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Facebook rolls out its Instagram photo-sharing app now allowing to record, edit and share the videos among the users. The new feature of Instagram allows the user to record 15seconds of video, delete unwanted videos or clips, and customize the image using 13 filters available for videos in it. The users can apply filters to videos to make it black or white and can add contrast to the videos or you can add different hues to the videos. The videos will be present in Instagram feed, it allows the users to view the video and it will play only once.


Users can find out the Instagram app with video in Google's play store and Apple's App store. It enables the videos with image stabilization and custom cover frames. Facebook and Twitter is the world's largest social network. Vine is famous among mass and launched in January. It is the product of Twitter and it is a short-form video service. You can record six-second videos using Vine. It gathered followers for its quirky.  Both Instagram and Vine apps enables the user to switch from front to back facing cameras before shooting a video clip.


However, the image stabilization in Instagram makes it popular immediately. The Image-stabilizing feature is called as "cinema". This new feature puts competition between Instagram and Twitter's Vine. It adds stabilization to the videos, so you can take the shots without a shake or less shake in conditions that are more serious. You can avail this new feature on all your mobile devices such as iOS and Android devices, as well as on the web. Those who have iPhone 4S or iPhone 5s can shoot the video using this feature.


How to use the video feature in Instagram?


After downloading the latest version of the app, you will find a camera icon appear on the right side.  The icon, which is used for taking snaps, will be the same for recording the videos. Tap it and you will find a red video button will allow you to record whatever you want. The app will record the video for 15 seconds or it will record as long as your finger is present on the button whichever happens first.


No need to take a full stretch of 15 seconds video, you can take off your finger in between and change to different angle, then shoot. Once covered 15seconds of video, you can play the video from the beginning and you can post in on Instagram to share with your friends and others.


It allows you to delete the latest video that is you can delete the video in the last come last out basis. Facebook still not introduced ad on the service, so making money through Instagram is still a big question among the e-marketers. Still everyone hope for ad on the service, because it is the trend now. Even though the mobile ad market is smaller, the e-marketers and the app developers are expecting the arrival of ad in Instagram. It takes only a matter of time, hope the ad service will arrive soon.


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