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Top 6 things to do in Hurghada

by askaladdin

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If you plan to go off the tourist trail with your Egypt trip, then dump Cairo, Luxor or Aswan and plan a trip to Hurghada! Alternatively, if your tours for Egypt are comprehensively chalked out, you can even include multiple cities and reserve a few days for this town.

Hurghada is a laidback town noted for its pleasant sea and some catchy sports. If this is your first visit and you are not familiar with the attractions and offerings of the city, then here are the top 6 things to do in Hurghada:

  1. Board the submarine: At this place, you can board a submarine and get inside the belly of the ocean. Red Sea is teeming with life and if you want to get underneath the sea and be safe within the confines of a vessel, then the Sinbad Submarine is what travelers recommend.
  2. Dive: Diving is one of the greatest and most enthralling sports ever invented. Red Sea has a huge wealth of corals and underwater organisms. If you want to sniff the turtle and eye the eel, then scuba diving and snorkeling should not be missed. Hurghada is a beach-friendly destination and has great diving sites for both pros and amateurs.
  3. Walk the desert: When was the last time you roamed around a desert? Perhaps, never! So, why not make use of your Egyptian trip to check out the landscape, the heat and the ambience of a really torrid desert? Safaris are organized on a daily basis and you must not let go of the opportunity at any cost. However, you must do your homework wisely and pay special heed to the kind of attires or shoes you are going to wear.
  4. Quad biking: Quad biking can be really thrilling. Besides, one does not need to have any driving expertise to steer this four-wheeler around! Quad bikes are very common in deserts. They can be expensive and a small ride would pinch your pocket hard. But when you are on tours for Egypt, you may permit yourself some luxury!
  5. Cultural interaction: When you are roaming the city or when you are exploring the deserts, you are likely to come across locals. You should interact with them and exchange cultural values and information. You can also head for a cultural dinner as organized at Alf Leila We Leila. Apart from gorging on local dishes, you would be able to enjoy dance shows by belly dancers.
  6. Take photographs: Do not forget to click photos of the seas. The Red Sea, some say, is at its magnificent best in this corner of the country.

If Hurghada does not fall into your scheme of things, an alternative would be Sharm El Sheikh. It is another top-notch beach destination in Egypt.


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