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Investing in Socially Responsible Projects with Emerald Knig

by sabrinagarza

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Markets are constantly changing, and the economy still isn’t as stable as it should ideally be. Making the right decisions towards growing your money is getting more difficult. There is a rising trend, however, towards making sustainable and environmentally sound choices. If you’d like to learn more about socially responsible alternatives for your money, Emerald Knight Consultants could be just the ticket.

Socially Responsible Investments

Considering factors like sustainability, environmental effects, and profit upkeep, Emerald Knight educates businessmen about projects that are not only profitable but socially responsible as well. They believe that people should take into account their moral obligation to the people and the environment when making investments. One of the socially responsible investments (SRI) Emerald Knight markets involves financing bamboo plantations as an alternative source for lumber.


Part of the grass family, bamboo can grow in different climates and can mature more quickly than any plant. When young, bamboo plants are tender and edible. Once they grow to their full length, they can be as hard as light steel, and can be utilized in various ways, including furniture making, construction, and even for ethanol and diesel substitutes.


With its fast growth, bamboo can be harvested within a few years, as opposed to other trees that could take a decade or more. This makes the plant a great material for reforesting certain areas while providing good lumber for construction demands. Bamboo is also a perfect carbon sequester.

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon is one of the greenhouse gases that trap heat from the sun in the earth's atmosphere (similar to how glass traps heat in a greenhouse). Carbon can come from many chemical compounds, including carbon dioxide that is expelled from the lungs and carbon monoxide, which is emitted by vehicles. It has been discovered that Bamboo has carbon-sequestering properties. This means that the bamboo is able to collect and utilize more carbon in the air for its growth, trapping the element within its body until it decays. This makes bamboo a valuable asset in the fight against global warming.

Financing a project marketed by Emerald Knight is a socially responsible; helping protect the environment, whilst striving for good returns. To learn more about bamboo and its usability, visit the following links: and

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