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5 tips that will help you gear up for a grand beach wedding

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So, you are getting married in Bali and want it to be grand and successful? Well then, you have come to the right place. Here I have discussed some easy tips that will help you gear up for a big fat beach wedding in Bali. Let us take a look at them to get more idea:

Distribute beach themed wedding card and favors: First things first, arrange for a beach themed wedding card to kick start the entire thing. Next, arrange for wedding favored such as beach print scarves, personalized sand or seashell candles etc.

Select the location of the event wisely: Be it your wedding, pre-wedding rituals or the reception, choose beach wedding location(s) only after checking the local weather conditions. For instance, you must select a beach that is not too breezy. Alternatively, be aware of high and low tides as these are very important factors at any beach. Moreover, you must pick a venue that is stunning and at the time not too remote. This is mainly because it will be difficult for you to arrange your guests’ pickup and drop before and after the wedding. However, if you can manage it, then there will be no problem at all.

Ensure that your guests are comfortable: Before zeroing-in the total number of guests arriving in your wedding venue in Bali, double check certain points. For instance, check whether the beach chosen by you, holds the permit for hosting a wedding with that number of guests. For this, you can approach the local authorities. Once this step is taken care of, make arrangements for seating and restroom at the place chosen by you. Some of the guests might have problems walking on sand and hence, you must arrange for platforms and walkways for them separately.

Arrange for a hall for the food and first dance: Although you choose the best season of the year to get married, the weather may play truant with unseasonal rains, tides and the likes. Be prepared for such situations by arranging a hall for the food and the first dance. If needed, the ceremony can also be held in the hall. There are many Bali wedding villas by the beaches, which can solve your problem.

Get a package deal: Where do I even begin? A package deal is one of the best things for a wedding in Bali. You get a wedding officiate, photographer, accommodation, caterer and much more as a part of a package. Trust me they are worth every penny of yours, that is if you happen to find a best firm that offers you best, all-inclusive wedding packages in Bali,.

Go for a sunset wedding: A sunset wedding at a beach is another way to minimize your expenses. Not only do they look beautiful and elegant, but also save the time when you hold your reception then and there by the beach. Nothing is as romantic as having a wedding with the crimson sky as the backdrop. Moreover, your guests will not have to worry about sun tan and enjoy the ceremony in cool evening breeze.

To Conclude

These are some of the quick tips, which will help you organize a big fat wedding in Bali. I hope that these are useful for you. Good luck and happy wedding!

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