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Tips to secure your wireless network

by anonymous

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Securing the wireless network and routers is one of the biggest concerns for PC users who use Internet using the wireless network. For safely enjoying the web, it has become mandatory for everyone to ensure that their wireless network and router is secure. However, we all acknowledge the bitter fact that nothing can be 100 percent secure when it comes to technology. Security becomes vulnerable once you connect your PC via the internet. Once you send or receive data across wireless network you are exposed to potential online threats. The chances of security failure turns high if you have setup a router and running internet via wireless signals.

The security of routers and wireless networks can be tightened by employing various measures that are discussed in this article. Most of the measures or tips suggested in this article are easy to implement.

Below discussed are the tips that you should use to secure your router or internet network:


The first and best way of preventing security lapses is to use WPA2 encryption. This has become a must for the best reliable data encryption. By using the WPA2 encryption technology you can secure the internet network as well as router to a major extent.

Change default passwords

The second gateway of ensuring security of your router is to change the default password. We usually tend to ignore changing default passwords that let users access the router’s management software. Security experts warn users to essentially change default passwords to keep the router secure. You are recommended to change even the Guest Account default settings.

Change the Default SSID name

After default router password it is the service set identification (SSID) that needs to be changed to bolster the security of router and network connectivity. SSIDs are preconfigured and essentially set by the router maker. For example, if the router belongs to Netgear then it may be “Netgear2013” and the same pattern applies for other routers as well. The default SSID name should be essentially reset by the user who sets up the router for the first time. Anyone with malicious intent would be helped by these default SSID name in his bid to access the router.

Device Lists

Majority of the browsers feature a device list mentioning all the wired and wireless clients that are currently connected. It aims to familiarize the user with the various device connected to the router. Earlier, users were able to see only IP address of the connected client, MAC address and probably the hostname.

The interface of modern browsers is becoming more user-friendly. For example, the interface of Cisco Linksys routers shows information including the type of the connected client, a picture of a bridge, a NAS and others. Now the vendors are also releasing advanced apps that let users remotely see the details of the client. It also enables you to receive an alert when a new device is connected to the router. Because of such features, modern routers offer a more user-friendly interface.

Switch off Guest Networking

If Guest Networking has been enabled on your router by default then you are advised to turn it off. However, it rarely happens that Guest Networking comes enabled with the device. It is advised to turn off the Guest Networking because it allows others to access your router that creates a serious security hazard. So make sure that Guest Networking option has been turned off.

Above discussed are the five important tips that help you ensure the security of your router as well as Internet network. These tips are basic but important in nature and scope; but for better network security you should opt for advanced security options by consulting a professional technical support professional.


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