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Buy Jewellery

by dennisegilchrist

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What is an hourglass?  An hourglass is also called a sandglass, sand timer, sand watch, sand clock and an egg timer.   It is used to measure the passage of a few minutes to an hour of time.  It is made by having two vertical bulbs connected allowing a regulated trickle of material (sand or crushed shells) from the top bulb to the bottom.  Once the top bulb is emptied it may be inverted to start another countdown of minutes.  There are factors that would affect the time measured and they are the bulb size, the neck width and the quality of the sand. 

There are also sand alternatives that may be used and they are eggshell and powdered marble.  Today, hourglasses are purely ornamental.  Today, hourglasses may be used in the cooking of eggs or for board games.  Hourglasses were first introduced to Europe in the 8th Century by a monk named Luitprand who served in the Cathedral in Chartres, France.   The clepsydra or water clock was invented in ancient Egypt.  Compared to the clepsydra, the hourglass was more accurate in measuring time in ship boards. 

This was so because any change in temperature could cause the condensation of liquid in the clepsydra.  Seamen preferred the hourglass to measure time.  The hourglass also helped seamen measure longitude.  It was also used on land.  The hourglass was used in churches to time sermons, in home to measure cooking time and in workplaces to measure the time spent on breaks.  In 1500 A.D.  hourglasses were replaced by mechanical clocks.  Jewelers are people who make, repair or deal in jewelry and watches.  They also are business persons who sell jewelry.  What is an hourglass jeweler? An hourglass jeweller is someone who makes repairs and sells watches and other time pieces.  Watches are considered useful jewellery.  Hourglass jewelers may also work in a jewellery store.  What is a jewelry store? It is a place or a firm that sells and buys jewellery.  All sorts of jewellery are sold in this store.  Fine jewellery like engagement rings to wedding rings with precious gemstones mounted on gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, palladium or silver.  Costume jewellery for artistic purposes is also sold in this store.  Watches and other time pieces are also sold in this store.  There are also stores that sell purely watches. 

After reading and seeing so many write ups, pictures and magazines on jewellery, one would like to go to a jewelry store.  When you wish to buy jewellery, you must first compare the quality, price and service from different retailers or jewelry stores.  Consult family members, friends and co-workers for recommendations.   Should you find the piece of jewellery you like from an unfamiliar retailer, check the trustworthiness by doing an online search.  Should you be the one to do the purchase, write down any information you might rely on to make your purchase.  Then before you let go of your money to buy jewellery, inquire about the refund and return policy.   

Before you shop, think about your budget, the kind of metal or stone you would like.  Avoid impulse buying because it could lead to buyer’s remorse.   


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