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The Beauty of Halong Bay

by anonymous

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Looking down from above, Ha Long Bay as a giant picture wearing extremely lively. It is the beautiful art works, cultural talent of creating; processing thousands of natural islands other senseless silence becomes the sculpture, painting with flawless grace all shapes, both very familiar just as alien to humans.


Thousands of undulating rocks in the water shimmering waves both boast spectacular but also very soft and graceful, lively. Going between Ha Long with thousands of stone islands, we thought lost in a world of fairy stone here. Island is like someone is heading to the land - The top island, the island is like a dragon hovering above the water - Dragon Island, the island is like an old man sitting fishing - Hon La Vong; and the other two brown sails beefy plowing sea water - sail, and two chicken lovingly playing with each other is on the waves - over the roof, standing in sea water which is a giant censer as a character worshiping heaven and earth - Hon Lu Huong ... All of them are really, really incredible. The reef was amazing metamorphosis incalculable time and perspective. At this point we realized that not all of them are senseless quiet island that are as vivid and soulful.


Hidden inside the reef of Halong Bay is beautiful caves such as Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot, Trinh Nu cave, Tam Cung action ... It was the palace of the Creator between earthly place. From time immemorial, Ha Long has been national poet Nguyen Trai Street dubbed the "period of the land between the sky". How I wore the customers from all over the world are arriving here felt stunned by the beauty wonders of Ha Long Bay, they seem to feel confused and helpless by the existing capital is not sufficient to describe beauty of Ha Long.


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