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Avail Completely Customized Ecommerce solution with Java

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Java is an autonomous programming language offering a brilliant computing platform that incorporates automatic memory control. Java programming is secure, robust and guarantees high quality performance. Java is also architecturally neutral, network savvy, and portable. In fact, it is possible to run Java on almost any kind of platform or JVM (Java Virtual Machine), irrespective of the computer architecture. As a programming language, Java is very popular and makes room for viewing 3D images, chatting, and playing games and a host of intranet applications. The striking aspects of this computing platform in terms of accessibility, portability, flexibility, convenience of use and safety make it the most preferred choice for customized ecommerce solutions. Java ecommerce is mainly effective due to its presence at the client as well as the server sides.


Benefits of Java


  • Simple: Java is a very simple programming language to learn because its syntax is more or less based on C++. Hence programmers can easily learn it once they are thorough with C++. The Java platform does away with complicated features like operator overloading, explicit pointers and so on, which makes it a convenient tool for ecommerce development. Since Java offers Automatic Garbage Collection, there is no need to eliminate unreferenced objects.


  • Object-Oriented: Developers need to organize software in the form of a compilation of different kinds of objects which incorporates behavior as well as data. Through OOPS (Object-oriented programming), Java simplifies software development and offers convenient maintenance.


  • Platform Independent: The Java platform is a software-based platform which consists of two components, namely Runtime Environment and Application Programming Interface. It is possible to run Java code on a number of platforms like Linux, Windows and more. The compiler compiles the code which is then transformed into byte code, a platform independent code that can be operated on diverse platforms.


  • Security: One of the major concerns of an ecommerce site is the security aspect and Java is designed to address the same perfectly. This programming language and platform is secured because of the fact that it has no explicit pointer and programs are executed within virtual machine sandbox. There is the Classloader which imparts security by separation of packages pertaining to classes within local file system from those introduced from network sources. The Bytecode Verifier identifies any illegal code within the code fragments while Security Manager estimates the resources that a class can access like reading or writing to local disk.


  • Robust and Reliable: Java makes use of a robust memory management system. The absence of pointers does away with any security problem. Moreover, the presence of automatic garbage collection, type checking mechanism and exception handling feature makes Java robust and reliable. Interestingly, Java compilers are capable of early detection of problems which in case of other languages would reveal themselves only during execution.


  • Distributed and Network-centric: Java makes distributed computing extremely convenient with the inherent networking ability that is synchronized with it. With this platform, it is very easy to work across a network with resources and build network-oriented applications through multitier or client-server architectures.


  • Multithreaded: This refers to a program’s capability to carry out a number of tasks concurrently within a program. Ecommerce developers can write Java programs which deal with many tasks at the same time through defining multiple threads, sharing the same memory.


  • Internationalization: Another reason of the immense popularity for Java for ecommerce development is the internationalization features that this programming language has within its core.


An ecommerce website is a huge platform for businesses to compete for customers. Java, which in many ways is ahead of its counterpart technologies, can indeed offer effective and customized ecommerce solutions. This makes Java web application development hugely popular.


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