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Biological Importance Of Masturbation

by adultmart

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We come to hear every now and then in our friend circle about male masturbators, so are the only one in the race. The answer to the he above said is no, female masturbators are there, in a survey carried out in national level it was found out that 94.9%males have masturbated and 89.8%females have masturbated. Some of them discuss with their parents, friends and some have even consulted a doctor after experiencing a night fall and even after the  ejaculation of semen. Male masturbators really go crazy after getting semen n their hand and have a feeling of fear in their mind what crime they have committed or they have gone against their religion.

Male masturbators does this in many ways like, when they see something erotic they lie down on their bed with pillow in their hand visualizing that they have a girl whom they are fantasising close to them. Then they start rubbing their erected penis over the bed having a thought I the mid that they are inserting it in the vagina of a woman. It lasts for around 5 minute and after this they run to bathroom to ejaculate their semen or throws it in a piece of rough paper.

Many of the male masturbators have tuned out to be an entrepreneur, now the question arises how?. It very simple just collect your semen in a bottle or a carrier and sell it. Now sell it where and to whom, either you can open your own store or sell it in sperm bank. Your semen will be put in some ones vagina with the help of a test tube. In return you get paid for that and the amount you receive depends on the quality of your sperm, the more fast and mobile your sperm is the more you get paid for it. This is generally adopted by those who have some problem in reproductive system and there sperm does not  gets fertilised when they come in contact with the egg inside the ovary of a female.

God has imparted us with some unique thing and we should make the most of it, control your sexual desire by masturbating and can even serve the society by donating your semen in sperm storage deposits or even in some biological laboratory. Many research programme have been initiated to know the genetic of a human body, their behaviour and various characteristics . Semen also be used in knowing the sugar level of your body as semen contains fructose, and while going for pregnancy test doctors check the fructose level in a woman. Woman does not secrete this homogenous form of sugar called fructose, if a woman is found with fructose content in her blood she is conformed of pregnancy. So guys don’t get yourself depressed if you are masturbating it’s a part and parcel of life and when you are busy in your life, you won’t have time even to think of it. So have it now but judiciously because anything in excess is very bad.

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