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To do checklist before labour pains, new born baby care

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Bringing out the mother in you…and it has never been an easy task.

It is often said that Child is the Father of man. This is indeed true but a Child also brings out the Mother in a Woman. The moment a child is born, the woman also transforms into a mother. This transformation brings immense joy to the child, mother and all other family members.

This article is about how you will endure the passage to your own birth as a Mother. It is not an easy passage and is full of challenges. One of it is the immense pain a woman undergoes. But unlike a normal pain, this pain vanishes the moment a child is born. Our tips will not only help you overcome the pain but also help you to be ready to welcome your baby home.

The first thing which an expectant mother has to do is, prepare for her baby’s arrival. Here are some tasks, which if done a month before the baby arrives will see you breeze through those challenges that every new mother faces.

Prepare your maternity bag. This bag holds:

  • All documents related to hospital admission and insurance
  • Crunches/bands to hold your hair in place during those sweaty moments of labour
  • Comfortable night wear, undergarments, nursing bras and maternity gowns
  • Small bottles of face wash, liquid soap, deodorant and moisturisers
  • Essential make up kit [hairbrush, lip balm, compact and eye pencil] – Yes, it’s important to look good even at this point
  • Highly absorbent sanitary pads [keep a few packs at home too]
  • A pair of clothes and shoes to be worn back home after discharge
  • Big size towels, in case water breaks on way
  • Camera, Chargers, Phone book with all important numbers
  • Room slippers

As you approach your due date, keep a note to add your phone charger and phone into the pre-packed bag. House and car keys too if required. Having done this, you need to gather information about your new born baby and prepare the checklist for the products that you would need once the baby arrives. Now, you can be relaxed with the knowledge that you are all set for the big day.

However, you may also need to know how to deal with your labour pains. Your doctor, of course, is your best guide but it helps if you are well informed about the options you have. Some women decide to bear the pain without any mode of pain relief. Some opt for various methods such as relaxation, massage and music. Some opt to take a refreshing bath, Jacuzzi or complementary therapies, such as aromatherapy, reflexology, acupuncture and massage.

There are various methods of pain relief during labour like Systematic medication, Entonox, Epidural, Combined Spinal Epidural and Tens that can be performed only by a medically trained personal. So here’s wishing you a healthy and hearty passage to Motherhood.

Do write into us, if you feel this article has proved helpful to you. We would also encourage you to add to the tips mentioned by us, so that your experience will help others who are yet to cross the bridge.

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