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Keeping Safe during Water Damage Chicago

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Living in a big city like Chicago, Illinois’ most populous city, surely has its perks. You have access to luxuries and modern amenities, better career opportunities, well-maintained parks, vibrant art scene and cool communities. However, some big cities are snobbish too. But in Chicago, you will not experience that because despite being a big city, the Midwestern friendliness is still intact and you can enjoy it as you go around its interesting neighborhoods.

But while big cities offer the best amenities to complement a convenient lifestyle, there are things that cannot be avoided totally. Every resident must do their share in maintaining that lifestyle. One thing that you may experience is a water damage in Chicago.

There is no need to panic when you notice signs of water problem like stained ceilings and floors or damp smell. What you need to do immediately is call your plumber to check if there are leaks. You may also turn off water valve to stop further leaks or dripping and minimize permanent damage.

Having a thorough check by a water damage specialist can ferret out the real source of the problem. Appropriate actions must then be undertaken. A restoration specialist will handle your insurance company for you as well as billing them directly.

Remember that water problems must be addressed properly and quickly. If you let standing water stay in your premises for at least 48 hours, you will need to call a mold specialist as well. A moist environment is a haven for mold and the longer the water stays, the graver the growth becomes.

Your safety and all occupants in house or building must be the primary concern so evacuate them right away, especially children, elders, pets and those with weak immune system. The toxins formed by stagnant water, mold buildup and possibly, sewage contamination can cause lung and respiratory irritation. Headache, fever and watery and irritated eyes may be symptoms of mold contamination.

If you decide to stay within the premises to wait for the water damage Chicago crew, make sure that you don’t wade through the flooded area and wear protective gear if you want to salvage some of the affected items.

You may add ventilation to the area by opening windows (if the weather or circumstances permit) or installing fans. However, find an outside power source since you need to turn off water, gas and supply lines to avoid accidents. If you have a generator, place it in a well-ventilated area, away from people or crowd.

Flooded homes need thorough inspection after restoration. You need to have it inspected by a water damage crew after a few days or weeks just to see if the restoration processes used have been effective or if mold has been totally eradicated.

To be on the safe side, even the structural integrity of your home must be checked and tested thoroughly before occupants are allowed to come back and resume normal routine.

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