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How Alternative Treatments Work for Patients with Lung Cance

by jimenez22

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Are there alternative cancer treatments that truly reward cancer patients or they are just hoaxes? To avoid all misconceptions, the American College of Chest Physicians assembled over 100 researchers in 2007 to review several studies that revealed good results offered by non-traditional therapies to lung cancer patients. Comprised of oncologists and nutritionists, the evaluation confirmed the performance of some substitute cures to address lung cancer symptoms. Most notable are acupuncture, massage treatment, yoga, hypnosis and meditation.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers fast relief of pain because of the release of particular chemicals in the body. It also improves the emotional state of afflicted people because it makes their brains relax. These positive effects may not take a long time but once done again to cancer patient, it may help lessen suffering. Massage treatment also assists in lowering the occurrence of swelling and puffiness. It improves blood circulation and relieves muscle spasms.


Some reports disclosed how acupuncture may help patients with lung cancer. Because they undertake chemotherapy, it's only natural for them to experience vomiting and nausea. The National Cancer Institute had seen proofs that indeed, acupuncture shunned them from experiencing these symptoms. Some oncologists propose the elimination of this specific kind of alternative cancer treatment as this may pose higher risk to infections but patients might want to undergo acupuncture just before chemotherapy session.


Patients could find peace by sitting in a quiet place, making huge efforts to clear their minds of worries and issues and being focused on their current life. As they successfully carried out meditation, they may take note of the decrease in the signs of anxiety or depression, as well as stress. Through this, they may respond positively to cancer cures and thereby affecting their survival. With meditation, individuals with cancer may also decrease their difficulty in sleeping.


In hypnosis, cancer patients will be placed in a trance-like situation, which can be really calming. This is carried out by a therapist who will teach them how to work on some relaxation workouts and ask them to think about positive and delighted thoughts. Through this, affected individuals will feel less nervous. Similarly, hypnosis minimizes pain and nausea.


This type of alternative treatment integrates gentle stretch exercises with meditation and deep breathing. Lung cancer patients will find yoga more advantageous as it allows them to sleep successfully. Generally, this is safe for them if led by a properly trained instructor. In case people encounter discomfort or pain, they must discontinue yoga at once. For this, they may think about asking their instructors or friends who carry out yoga which exercises are milder.

Lung cancer patients may be under the care plans of their physicians or oncologists, but it is still natural for them to think of or look for alternative cancer treatments. This is primarily because they would like to try other choices that might help them survive or at least relieve them from pain, stress and anxiety. They are also discovering ways to at least get rid of or reduce the symptoms of conventional therapies they are going through.


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