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Why are organic tanning lotions best for self tanning?

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Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? It covers your body from head to toe and protects your inner organs from harmful elements in the environment. Your skin also serves another important purpose, that of defining your appearance to the outside world. A healthy, well toned skin is an asset anybody would want. This is indeed why people with pale pasty skin go through the trouble of tanning themselves, so that they can enhance their outward appearance.


Tanning makes your skin darker but a darker hue is achieved through interfering with the normal functioning of the skin. At least this is what happens when you tan yourself in the sun or go to an indoor tanning salon. Alternatively, you can use self tanning lotions that contain bronzers which will tan your skin in a few minutes. The tan won’t stay with you for long though. This latter option is deemed to be healthier than the former because you don't have to expose yourself to the potentially dangerous UV rays.


If you intend to self tan you will need a good tanning lotion to get the job done. An organic tanning lotion is highly recommended with good reasons. Organic tanning products are set apart from other tanning products by the fact that they contain natural ingredients derived from plants. There are numerous benefits of using organic tanning products as opposed to those that contain only artificial chemicals. Your skin is a living organ and it absorbs whatever is applied on it. It will thus absorb the chemicals in tanning lotions some of which are potentially harmful. Parabens come to mind. These substances are found in some tanning creams and they are not very good for your skin. An organic tanning lotion is a perfect alternative because it does not contain these kinds of potentially harmful chemicals.


An organic tanning lotion does more than tan your skin. Depending on the natural products it contains, it will imbue your skin with extra benefits. The various plant extracts that find their way into tanning lotions bring with them certain health benefits. Take the raspberry, for example. Raspberries contain plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants that strengthen skin tissue and get rid of harmful free radicals which are known to be very harmful. Organic tanning lotions contain extracts from raspberries and many other plants such as maqui berries, green coffee and the candle tree, all which provide the antioxidants and vitamins that your skin needs to stay healthy. The plant extracts in the organic tanning lotion will keep your skin healthy - healthy skin tans better and retains a tan longer.

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