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Industrial Keyboard An Ideal Solution in Harsh Environments

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A keyboard, as the name implies contains a set of keys that enable a user to enter data into a computer. Unlike normal keyboards, an Industrial keyboard is used for various mechanically and chemically stressful industrial applications. They are high-quality sealed keyboards and are extremely robust and durable. The protective embossed polyester membrane covering of the industrial keyboards allows the user to get a tactile feedback while typing and also provides extreme functional reliability. They are widely used in critical environment conditions as the front side of the input device is resistant to dust, moisture, alcohol, diluted acids, diluted alkalis, esters, hydrocarbons, ketones and household cleaning agents etc. Silicon industrial rubber keyboards are the most commonly used type as they are easy to clean in wet, dirty and corrosive environments.

Advantages Longer life time

Custom made

Programmable keys with enable/disable function


Integrated pointing devices

Water and chemical resistant

How to choose a keyboard?

As there are many types of industrial keyboards available in the market, choosing the one depending on the specific need is important. Here are some things to consider while buying keyboards:

Wired or Wireless – Choose between the wired and wireless keyboards depending on the desired application. Wireless keyboards offer more freedom to the user and at the same time create less clutter on the desktop.

Size – Large sized keyboards are more suitable for a person who spent most of his time at his work station. Whereas, a compact sized keyboard suits well for a person whose job seeks frequent traveling.

Comfort – Industrial keyboards are available in split, curved and straight shape. Each shape has its own advantages and disadvantages. User should explore each type of keyboard and then select one that provides less stress on hands and wrist.

Types of Industrial keyboards

Some of the commonly used industrial keyboards are:

Panel mount keyboards – These rugged keyboards provide simple point and click operation and are compatible with every computer. They are widely used in extremely harsh environments such as s emergency services, process control, mobile computing and the oil and gas industry. Panel mount keyboards provide high operational efficiency even while wearing gloves.

Plug-n-Play keyboards - These are the most reliable and rugged industrial keyboards types that are used in harsh and critical working environments. These keyboards are protected using a sealed aluminum or stainless steel enclosure. It offers excellent tactile response and is widely used in military, security, commercial fleet vehicles, marine vessels, and medical equipment carts.

Rackmount Keyboards – These keyboards contain a folding door that allows a user to rest his hands on them. It ensures durability and reliability with the combination of gold over nickel with high quality water proof sealing.

Backlit Keyboards – These keyboards are highly useful in poor lit environments. This type of industrial keyboard offers ten levels of illuminations with the help of which a user can adjust the brightness. These backlit industrial keyboards are a perfect solution for the military, medical and aerospace applications.

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