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The wolf hat – from mystical to stylish

by anonymous

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It takes a bit of courage to walk around in an animal hat especially if you are well past your mid-twenties. This is because animal hats are considered to be the preserve of kids and teens. Nevertheless, more and more people are proudly donning their hats and proving wrong all those people who’ve been saying nothing but bad things about animal hats.


These headgears combine a hat and a scarf. Some have ears atop the hat and paws at the ends of the arms. Nearly all animal hats you see today are made of synthetic furs because of the scarcity of real animal hides in addition to conservation efforts that prevent hunting of wild animals. In the past however, when the concept of animal hats was being introduced, they were made of the real thing. Back then real animals were killed and skinned and then the hides were processed in order to create animal hats which were then worn by members of the tribe.


You might wonder why on earth someone would like to wear the hide of an animal over his head. Today we wear animal hats because they look cool and trendy but in the olden days animal hats were serious business. Tribesmen wore them as part of their tribal regalia. If you consider the animals that were killed to make animal hats you’ll realize that all of them had some degree of mystical allure to them. It’s hard to imagine animal hats made from the hides of benign animals like sheep and goats. Animals that were favored included among others bears, wolves, lions, cheetahs, tigers and leopards. The belief then was that these animals held some supernatural qualities which people could harness and make part of them. One way to do so was to hunt down one of these animals, kill it, and then use its hide to make a hat.


As observed, people tended to hunt animals that they considered to have some kind of power. The wolf is a good example. Wolves feature prominently in many tribes’ folklore. The wolf is said to be cunning and intelligent. By wearing a wolf hat therefore it was believed that one became smarter. The wolf also embodied ferocity and stealth. A warrior wearing a wolf hat would thus have more power against the enemy. The black wolf was also said to have healing powers in addition to being in touch with the power and influence of the moon. In the old days it was common for young men to wear a wolf hat as a symbol of strength, courage and self-assuredness. You may not embody the exact qualities of a wolf in the modern day but you’ll still look very nice and stand out in a wolf hat.


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