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The Best Events to Showcase Your Mobile Kitchen Cart

by fivediamond

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Now that you have your own mobile kitchen cart, the next thing to think about is what events to join in. You can’t simply join in every event there is because you have to pay for the space. And if the turnout isn’t good, you’ll end up losing money, which is in no way good for your business.


Local or Big Events


The event size is an important factor when choosing events. The local events are usually a celebration that involves a city or two. You might think that there’s no point showcasing your mobile food vending carts at small events because of the smaller turnout. This is where you’re wrong.


Local events bring together a close-knit community which is willing to support local concessionaries, so it doesn’t really equate to less revenue for you. To add, local events have low space fees for concession stand trailers, thus, making it easier to earn more too.


On the other hand, big events ask a higher fee for mobile kitchen cart space and that’s because these big events have more production costs on their hands. The bigger the event, the more likely it can bring in larger crowds. Also, such events can last for a few days, which mean that you have the potential to earn a steady stream of money for the duration of the event.


However, you may want to consider that although you’ll have the chance to earn more, you are paying for the space at a higher rate. So, if your product is not a hit with the crowd, you’ll just lose money in the coming days. In addition, larger events accommodate more concession stand trailers, which mean more competition for you. Anyhow, that’s a risk you should be willing to take.


Duration of Events


The length of the event is another important factor when choosing events to showcase your mobile kitchen cart.  Joining a one-day event is risky. It’s either you earn big or waste your time the whole day. Weekend events are more preferred by concessionaires as they have an extra day or two to earn back the money they loss on day 1. Seasonal events always draw a huge crowd because it’s a once-a-year event. Concession stand trailers space fees are high and it can be difficult to join in.


In choosing events, it is imperative that you read up on the event itself like the previous turnout, popularity and how the organizers market the event. After all, whether it’s a small or big event, what you need is a good turnout to make money.


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