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The Clear sleeves for your iPad

by anonymous

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I-pads are among one of the most loved gadget for today’s generation. But how safe is your I-pad? You can protect it from theft but how will you protect it from the dust in the surrounding or humidity in the air? Someone accidently drops a blob of sauce or spills orange juice on your I-pad, what do you do then? Cry for some time and then spend hundreds of dollar repairing it. The best way to avoid this kind of situation would be to protect and shield your gadget from these kinds of disasters. That’s the reason Ultra-sleeves came up with their new range of awesome shield for your I-pad, clear iPad covers.

Many must be wondering what this is. And how can it protect one’s phone from any kind of danger mentioned above. These clear iPad coversare made from unique recyclable plastic fibers that makes them environment friendly. Priced at a range of 40 to 75$ they are one of the cheapest I-pad accessories and perhaps the most useful of all. Contrary to the belief, the plastic of the covers are made of such fine fibers that the cover does not alter any of the functions of the I-pad. Moreover the Anti-static properties of the covers prevent slipping and give a good grip to the gadget.

The clear iPad covers are so fine that they do not alter the sound clarity of the I-pad. The touch sensitivity also remains exactly the same without any trouble once the cover is put on the I-pad. Because of the cover, one’s I-pad is completely protected against dust and water. The cover also protects one’s gadget against any kind of scratch or abrasion.  The thickness of the cover clear I-pad cover is so thin that it does not interfere with the Wi fi or network reception of the phone. Pressing the buttons and controlling the touch panel is also not altered because of the cover. The cover has a double adhesive strip for an air tight seal so as to prevent any kind of dust or water particle from entering the cover and causing harm to the I-pad. The adhesive strip is designed in such a way that it can be opened multiple times, thus making it easy to charge the battery whenever needed.

Why take the risk of leaving your I-pad without any protection when one thin strip of plastic can protect your phone from so many kind of disaster? Get your clear iPad cover right now.

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