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MICR – Helpful To Everyone!

by emicrstaff

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MICR is well known by every person in today’s world. It is the short form of magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This technology facilitates people in many ways. It is used mainly in the banking industry. MICR technology helps for processing and clearance of the bank documents of a large number of customers every day.

There are many banks with a large number are customers in each bank. The details of the every customer should be perfect in various fields like deposit, saving, withdrawing or loan. Every bank should take great care of every customer. But with the help of MICR technology it is very easy to handle the details of every customer perfectly.

How MICR toner works and helpful in Various Field

The MICR is very helpful and it is very special technology only due to the toner. This toner is playing a very important part in this technology. The ink that is used in this technology is the toner of MICR. This is also known as magnetic Ink.  The MICR toner is made of iron oxide. This ore provides a high strength of iron. After drying the characters when it passes through the reader then it can be easily detected by the system.

This toner looks just like the normal toner but the amount of iron makes it high strength of toner than others. This provides a magnetic signal to the reader. This makes the task easy for the readers and thus thousands of the bank documents can be processed very easily. MICR toner is also used for printing the check. The main computer can easily detect the de- code of the details of the check or other bank account details.

Thus, this toner is very helpful for those organizations where MICR is used in different field for maintaining the documents.

MICR Check Printing

The checks printed for MICR are encoding at the bottom and follow some special format. The MICR check printingis the bank check printed the code with toner and that should be scanned perfectly by the scanner. Thus it is very important to print the check accurately with every detail and each character should be printed perfectly with MICR. Then there will be no problem for the detector to detect the checks.

The standard format that MICR follows is the ANSI coding of America. There are 14 characters in the MICR font set. The important things present in the MICR checks are the account number, bank code, check number and other details. These details can easily read by the people. The MICR check printing is automatically read by machines and it scans every field in the bottom of the checks and therefore the signal strength should be high and exactly matches the details of the customer.

Hence, MICR is very helpful for the banking system to keep the details of the people of that bank. It supports for clearance of a large number of checks and other documents every day. Thus, Most of the banks from all over the world use MICR technology.

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