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How To Increase Male Fertility And Potency Fast And Naturall

by crystalg

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Infertility in men is associated with scanty number, decrease in motility and/or quality of sperm, or impotence (erectile dysfunction). If lower male potency of your partner is hitting your chances of conceiving, then both man and woman should join hands in driving the peril of psychological disaster, unsatisfied conjugal relationship, less stamina and minimal sexual desire out of your marriages and your lives. Fix this embarrassing problem before it leads to relationship break-ups. If mechanical obstruction in genital organs is the sole reason for male inadequacy then surgery is the only prospective remedy. Fortunately, new microsurgical techniques make the ordeal of repairing obstructions a tad smoother. To increase your chances of a productive pregnancy, the male partner should quit smoking and give up recreational drugs, and avoid activities that overheat his testicles, such as extended and frequent cycling/biking/driving, during that viable three-month period.
In some cases, poor sperm quality or production can be reversed through dietary and lifestyle modifications. When it comes to hormonal lopsidedness, allopathic medicines or supplementation with FSH, LH, or testosterone rarely heighten sperm production significantly.
Medicinal drugs provide little respite in male fertility problems due to hormonal factors. For a man with some healthy sperm, the doctor may advise either an IUI or IVF procedure for him or his partner, for satisfactory impregnation of the female. However, review of numerous studies revealed that couples where the male used antioxidant supplementation and the female underwent assisted reproduction, had 5 times more live birth than couples who didn’t consume supplement. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress which destroys sperm cells leading to poor sperm motility, reduced sperm count and DNA damage. According to eminent doctors all over the world, several antioxidants seem especially effective in contributing to the over-all well-being of sperm health and improving conception success rates. Vitamin E, Vitamin C and coenzyme Q10 together with antioxidants present in grape seed extract can significantly increase male fertility.
Males with fertility problems treated with a daily intake of 5 mg of folic acid and 66 mg of zinc sulfate for at least 6 months experienced 74 percent boost in their total sperm count. However, no significant benefit results if either zinc or folic acid are individually taken - improvements are noticed only when they are combined since both these nutrients are essential for DNA production, which is an important step in sperm cells formation. Some of the main reasons for male infertility are impaired nervous and vascular systems, kidney/liver problems, blood stasis or moist heat in the pelvic organs. Consequently, herbs which can stabilize the kidney functions and tone up the liver improve sperm motility significantly and thus, increase male fertility; decrease fatigue, urinary frequency, low back pain, and spermatorrhea. Acupuncture helps to balance the hormonal system and turn virility in favor of men.
Sub-fertile men treated with acupuncture demonstrated dramatic improvements in percentage of viability, total motile sperm per sample, and morphology of the sperm population.
Ayurvedic Supplement for Male Infertility
Spermac capsules are the #1 choice for effective and safe male enhancement. Since using home remedies and herbs to increase male potency naturally have stood the test of time, Ayurveda Research Foundation has combined extremely effective herbs in the miraculous virility tonic ‘Spermac’, which cures infertility in men by naturally raising testosterone levels, increasing sexual desire, maintaining erections longer and increasing sperm count. Spermac comes with:
1. Shilajit: Sex tonic known to shoot up libido levels in males, facilitates powerful and energetic physical performance due to its rejuvenating properties, contributes to healthy muscles and bones, promotes balance and harmony in mind-body-spirit connection of an individual
2. Ashwagandha: Excellent natural remedy for stabilizing metabolic levels, balances digestive properties, naturally cures sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction and oligospermia, beneficial for neuritis and mental disorders
3. Mucuna Pruriens (Kawach): Herbal aphrodisiac which increases sperm count by boosting secretion of testosterone hormone, improves ejaculation latency, treats involuntary discharge of semen
4. Apart from the abovementioned herbs Spermac incorporates other ayurvedic compositions such as Vidharikandh, Abhrak, Kahu, Makoy, Lauh, Shatavar, Tejpatra, Akarkara, Gokhru Fruit, Pipal, Nagbala, Kutki, Safed Musli to eradicate sexual or fertility maladies from the root; by helping your body turn fat to energy, boosting sperm functions, reducing endometrial inflammation and toxic overload, promoting flow of healthy blood to the reproductive organs, combating fatigue, alleviating mood swings, alleviating “pitta” and cooling the body, and increasing sexual vigour at all ages.
To maintain the unbroken chain of procreation and also regulate the water element, nerves, cells, flesh, bone marrow and semen, nature cure is second to no other modern health science.

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