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Online PMP Training in Seattle | Online PMP Certification

by Herbert

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.  The PMP bootcamps have courses with different durations, the shortest being where there are 4 day classes and the PMP test is given on the 5th day! But it also depends on the quality and knowledge of the tutor that the students are prepared in such a short span. Generally, those project managers which have a fairly good experience in the same field for some time may find it easier as they would have had much of the experience on-the-job. This course generally includes subjects like
1. Integration Management
2. Scope Management
3. Time Management
4. Cost Management
5. Quality Management
6. Human Resource Management
7. Risk Management
8. Communications Management
9. Procurement Management
10. Professional Responsibility
And also, good tutorials help to understand the project management context, processes and framework and also the tips, tricks and strategy for the PMP exam. Good PMP bootcamps can be generally found by the discussion threads on the forums and communities and the websites specially dedicated to PMP examinations. There are also special online courses 
1  Advantages of Institutional Project Management Classes:
O  You will be able to meet different kinds of people which will help you learn to be a very flexible and able to adjust anybody's personality.
O  By handling different personalities, it would not be that hard for you to handle different projects with different problems and environment...
O  Project Management is an all about application. If you do attend normal PMP classes, you would be able to practice applying it with Project team members that will give you ideas on how you should handle a project.
2.  Advantages of Online Project Management Classes:
O  You would be able to learn many things at the same time.
O  You could also learn things out from different countries even though you are not physically there.
O  Even in your hectic schedule, you are able to both work and study.
O  You will not need to bring lots of heavy books just to learn because lots of online PMP books are always available in the web, such as PMBOKs, PMP study guides, etc.
And lots and lots of advantages are seen out there. So, let's not talk about disadvantages because I am not referring to which is way of doing classes is better but I just differentiating between online and normal way of taking classes. But I guess that every person has their own way of learning things. PMP is quite a not-so-easy course and it needs a lot of time to even pass the certification. And every person has different status in life, in a professional and non-professional way. Their schedules and availability is different. So, either online project management class or the institutional one, it depends on them; how to manage their time equally will be the basis on their career in the years ahead.

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